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May, 2010 | SEONewsWire.net
Month: May 2010

Osenton Law Offices offers FREE Bankruptcy seminar series

This seminar is for those considering bankruptcy and alternatives to bankruptcy. It is NOT for professionals such as realtors, attorneys, and short sale and loan modification processors. Are you thinking about filing bankruptcy? Are you unsure it is the best

The Most Contentious Issue in the Proposed Health Care Legislation

If you’ve been wondering about the so-called “public option” relating to health insurance companies – there is no public option listed in the Senate bill, but there is one in the House bill which features non-profit health insurance cooperatives that

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More Proposed Health Insurance Reform Legislation Nuggets

Health insurance coverage for dependent children is going to be broadly expanded for children under 27 years old. This makes sense given the tough economy and considering the number of older children that have had to return home to make

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New Proposed Health Care Law Has Two Versions

Just so you don’t find things too confusing with “two” versions, you really only need to know the similarities, because those are what is important. For instance, both bills state it is mandatory that people without insurance get health insurance

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Chopped Payments to Private Medicare Advantage Plans

This is a no-brainer. If you want to save money and get good health care coverage, then stick with the government administered Medicare plans. Really? The government subsidized benefits seniors get who are on Advantage plans are real, and they

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Other Questions About the New Proposed Health Care Legislation

One of the major questions is: Where is all the money going to come from to offer three states special concessions in this new proposed health care legislation? If there is $500 billion cut from the Medicare system, where will

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The Proposed Health Care Legislation to Come

Ever wonder that the AARP and the AMA think about the proposed health care legislation? Well, they’ve been pretty clear about it – they support it, cuts and all. However, there seems to be a ground swell of people, including

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AARP Supports Cuts in Senior Health Care Insurance

The AARP insists the $460 billion in health care cuts aren’t really cuts, but savings for improving health care delivery, getting rid of waste and other system inefficiencies, and also getting a firm grip on fraud and health care abuse.

AARP Surprisingly Backs Significant Cuts to Health Care Insurance

AARP has been seen inside the vaunted halls of the Administration taking an active role in helping to pass the up and coming health care legislation. It didn’t seem to matter what side needed the help, they were there working

Remember Changes to Medicare Are Just Around the Corner

Seniors will, after the first of June 2010, have an astounding and somewhat confusing choice of 46 plans. Just about 29 of those plans will have either a full or partial deductible. The premiums will also range from about $22

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