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Patient Beware: Some Hospitals Do Not Carry Medical Malpractice Insurance

Though it might be quite a surprise to some patients, there are a number of hospitals in some of the busiest cities in the U.S. that do not have standard, full policy malpractice insurance. Some hospitals are “naked” or “bare,”

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Social Security and the Deficit Commission: Myths and Realities

Social Security and the Deficit Commission: Myths and Realities Social Security turned 75 on August 14. While some celebrated its successes, the dominant narrative was instead that Social Security is in trouble. Politicians and pundits took note of Social Security’s

Prenuptial Agreements Allow for Division of Future Earnings

Prenuptial agreements can be designed to protect more than just premarital assets. They can outline how couples want to divide their future earnings in the event of a divorce. While many people assume that prenuptial agreements are only useful when

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The Maggio Law Firm Encourages Unmarried Mothers to Consult a Family Law Attorney

Unmarried mothers face a number of legal issues that must be dealt with to secure the health and happiness of their child. A family law attorney can help unmarried mothers navigate these difficult legal issues and secure adequate child support.

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When Things Go Wrong Medically

When something goes wrong medically, it will often go wrong at just about any point in the process of being diagnosed to being treated. Generally speaking, the kinds of errors that are most commonly made in the health care system

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Divorce on Hold

It makes a lot of sense that divorces these days are not happening with the same degree of regularly they have in the past. This is due to the poor economy. Going through a divorce is not a lot of

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Out Like a Light

Going into the hospital for surgery, while common, may be fraught with the potential for anesthesia malpractice, a matter that needs to be discussed with a skilled Las Vegas personal injury lawyer. Not many people have heard of the term

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Maintenance and Child Support Modifications Increasing

It’s not too surprising to find out that with the economy the way it is these days, there has been a sharp increase in requests for changes to support and alimony agreements. The recession has hit Americans right where they

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A Felony Is Serious

Across the US every state has its own system to classify crimes. While this may sound haphazard, most of them are broken down along fairly similar lines. Generally speaking, the first classification to note is misdemeanors and felonies. It’s the

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Divorces May Be Complex

No one ever said that getting a divorce is easy, particularly if there lots of assets and children involved. Getting a divorce is difficult for all the involved parties and has been called by many psychologists a form of death.

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