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April, 2010 | SEONewsWire.net
Month: April 2010

Amendments to the SEC Custody Rule

New amendments to the SEC Custody Rule will take effect this month. These changes will impose a number of additional controls on registered advisors in order to decrease fraudulent activity. The SEC’s adoption of amendments to Rule 206(4)-2 under the

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Comparing Testamentary and Intervivos Trusts

Establishing a Special Needs Trust for a loved one with disabilities can ensure that he or she will be taken care of in the future. However, it is important for families to choose the right type of trust. There are

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Understanding Financial Elder Abuse

Financial elder abuse is a serious problem for many senior citizens in the United States. Being able to recognize and report this kind of abuse will ensure the safety of your loved ones. Elder abuse occurs when a victim is

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Going from Group Medical to Individual Insurance? Things to Think About!

If you’re used to a co-pay situation with the company you used to work for and are now out on your own and trying to find health insurance, you might be shocked at the difference in rates and what you

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Can’t Get Reasonably Priced Individual Insurance? Try Small Group Health!

A small group health care plan can have more reasonable rates and other benefits – because it’s a group rate, than what you would get as an individual. However, there are certain qualifications you must meet to get better rates.

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Love Fast Foods, Sodas and Junk Foods? This Affects Your Health Insurance Rates!

Many people don’t connect the dots on what they eat and weigh with what they pay for health insurance. There’s a direct connection! The more unhealthy stuff you eat, the more unhealthy you become. The more unhealthy and sick you

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Pre-existing Health Conditions Mean Shopping for Health Insurance

You’ve just applied to a health insurance company who then declined insuring you because of the risk they felt was involved. They said your rapid heartbeat, even though it was controlled with drugs, was not a good risk. Now what?

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How Many Times Do You Go to the Doctor?

While you might not realize this, if you happen to have a co-pay plan thanks to your employer, if you spend too much time running to the doctor and not getting a named diagnosis or brand name medicine, this can

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Maternity Leave Difficult but Not Impossible to Obtain

Maternity leave is available for most women/men who work for a company that provides health insurance as a benefit for their employees. This type of leave is covered under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA). The act requires “certain”

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Smokers Likely to Pay More for Insurance Unless BMI Index Is Under 28

You’ve likely heard things like this before. Smoking isn’t good for your health, it is killing your brain, you are running the risk of having cancer, and it may hike the rate you pay for health insurance. While most of

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