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In Lieu of Federal Immigration Reform, Cities Do It On Their Own

In an unconventional method of immigration reform, many U.S. cities are actively making an effort to attract immigrants. They recognize that immigrants are the key to revitalize their financial fortunes. Pittsburgh has a plan to revitalize itself by attracting immigrants

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Powerful IT Immigration Reform Proponents Fail to Spark Poltical Change

Silicon Valley has an enormous interest in ensuring that immigration reform is passed. To that end, a number of tech companies have been working tirelessly as lobbyists and activists. Technology professionals have unparalleled access to a tech-reliant American audience. Still

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Joyce and Reyes Personal Injury Attorney Cites Ongoing Safety Concerns Following Tampa Student Pedestrian’s Death

A car struck two Tampa students as they walked to school, killing one. Sisters Victoria and Norma Velasquez-Cabrera were crossing Hillsborough Avenue on the 2500 block to get to Middleton High at about 7:15 a.m. on a recent Tuesday. A

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It’s not just politicians that do not understand how immigration reform affects agriculture

Despite what the politicians are working on for immigration reform, the general populace seems to still resent the idea. While immigration reform is still being debated, mauled, massaged, ignored and reviled, with the light at the end of the tunnel

When a bipartisan reform bill cometh, immigration reform may get on a roll

Immigration reform may be just around the corner. Word from the Hill indicates politicians are actually working on something relating to immigration reform. Are they getting along while doing it? Not according to the media, or those who are close

Long-Term Care: An Overview

“Long-term care” is the term used to describe care services for an adult who needs help and care, either in-home or in a care facility. The best time to plan for a long-term care option for you or a loved

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Patient Beware: Some Hospitals Do Not Carry Medical Malpractice Insurance

Though it might be quite a surprise to some patients, there are a number of hospitals in some of the busiest cities in the U.S. that do not have standard, full policy malpractice insurance. Some hospitals are “naked” or “bare,”

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Acne Medications Can Lead to Serious Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Says Manchester Injury and Medical Malpractice Lawyer

Accutane to treat acne is not worth the devastating side effects. “It is no secret that Accutane has serious side effects, side effects both doctors and the durg makers are aware of. Nonetheless, it continues to be prescribed,” said Charlie

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Connecticut Chemical Companies Should Comply with Regulations to Protect Workers and General Public

Recently, a Connecticut company was fined for violating hazardous waste management laws after the Environmental Protection Agency inspected its chemical distribution facility and warehouse. Hubbard-Hall formulates and distributes more than 5,000 chemicals out of its facility in Waterbury and another

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A Twofold Approach to Long Term Care Needs Is Recommended

Among the many misperceptions regarding Medicaid and long-term care planning is the myth that asset protection planning and long-term care insurance don’t work well together. Unfortunately, many individuals, including many professionals, believe these two planning options are mutually exclusive and

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