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September, 2011 | SEONewsWire.net
Month: September 2011

Laminate Flooring is a Good Choice and Easy to Maintain

For a floor with a long life, choose laminate. It is easy to care for and very durable. “There are so many flooring choices on the market today it is often really tough for a consumer to know what to

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Standalone Health Insurance Plans a Great Fit for Active Americans

Accident health insurance plans are an attractive option for many Americans. These plans are in the indemnity category. What on earth are indemnities and what do they do? Accident health insurance plans are a personal injury insurance plan, which simply

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Illinois Big Rig Accidents Under More Scrutiny in the Courts

Recent semi truck rollovers in Illinois highlight the seriousness of these types of collisions. Big rigs weigh a lot more than passenger vehicles and take a lot more time to fully stop. In mid August, a semi truck flipped near

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Ethical Lines Crossed When Doctors Own Insurance Companies and Participate in Politics

A doctor, who is also a politician, crossed ethical lines when the state legislature moved to put stricter regulations on the medical malpractice insurance industry. The doctor in question stepped right into the eye of the storm and marched into

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The Skin IQ™ Mattress Cover Does More to Lower Costs of Pressure Ulcers

Tampa, Fla. – With the current economic climate, hospitals and long-term care facilities are looking to find innovative ways to cut costs. It is not every day that new products make their way into a patient’s room that cut down

Planning Ahead for Long-Term Care is a Smart Lifestyle Choice Says Next Exit Retirement CEO

Many people do not put much time into planning for their future care. Without long-term care in place later in life things may be very difficult. “Long-term care is an issue many Americans want to shove under the rug,” explained

Fractured Femur Leads to Medical Malpractice Suit

Some days it doesn’t just rain, it pours. This medical malpractice case is a prime example of what can go wrong when you least expect it. This reported case is one of those instances where you have to wonder if

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Insurance Companies Can Take their Company to New Heights with a Solid SEO Strategy

The best way to keep your insurance website updated and relevant is to work on it daily. Most people do not have the time needed to focus on this. The normal demands of the office, client interactions, and customer service

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Six Dead After 18-Wheeler Collides with Amtrak Train

This accident was like a movie with a horrific collision and fire that gutted two railway cars. It was a completely devastating event that killed six and left rescuers trying to locate another five people. A semi slammed into the

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Groundwater Pollution a More Common Problem

Groundwater is the source of supposedly fresh drinking water for millions of families across America. Families count on rain, sleet, hail and snow to replenish the groundwater and rejoice in knowing that there is a natural source of drinking water.

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