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July, 2011 | SEONewsWire.net
Month: July 2011

Marble Floors are Susceptible to Cracking Says Champion Tile and Marble

Knowing how to deal with cracking marble makes the investment in marble flooring a smart move. It is something most people should be aware of in case their flooring cracks. “Life happens, and yes, sometimes marble tile floors will crack

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Simple Elegance is Possible with Three Sought After Stones Says Champion Tile and Marble

Most builders have a love affair with natural stones. They enhance the beauty of any home. “If you want a really elegant home and one that will hold its value on resale, think natural stones – granite, travertine and marble

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Free Educational Bankruptcy Seminar at Osenton Law Offices

Brandon, Fla. – Osenton Law Offices offers the Brandon and Tampa community with a free, informational bankruptcy seminar. The next seminar is on June 9 at 6 p.m. Many individuals and families need help to eliminate debt, maintain their home

Think Green When You Consider Wood Flooring

There is no question that a wood floor is considered to be beautiful. Trend alert: hardwood is coming back into vogue. Many people are quite taken with the look of wood flooring. It’s a bit of serenity and elegance, and

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Product Recall Did Not Prevent The Death Of Infant

Product recalls are the right thing to do when something proves it harms consumers. Unfortunately, the recall in this case did not prevent the death of a baby. Family members of this six-month-old baby were utterly stunned when they checked

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Immigrants Can Access New Initiative for Education and Citizenship Resources

A new U.S. initiative helps immigrants learn about free citizenship education resources. The Citizenship Public Education and Awareness Initiative is for lawful permanent residents and immigrant-based organizations. An estimated 7.9 million LPRs can apply for naturalization, reports the Department of

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Accomplished Attorney Explains the Social Security Disability Hearing

Social Security Disability Insurance benefits can be hard to get, so it’s definitely beneficial to get legal representation early on to increase your chances of an award. When you are applying for this type of benefit, a lawyer can review

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Try Oak Flooring If You Do Not Want Carpet In The House

If you still have carpet in some rooms in your house and are sick of looking at it, try upgrading to oak flooring. Carpet is nice when it’s new. Over time, however, it becomes a place where all kinds of

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You Cannot Discharge Student Loans If You Declare Bankruptcy

While there are a great number of things you may discharge when you go through a bankruptcy, a student loan is not one of them. The bankruptcy process offers debtors in over their heads relief from a wide variety of

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Unusual Sports Injury Case results in $1.8 billion Personal Injury Lawsuit

A paralyzed athlete filed a lawsuit for $1.8 billion after breaking her neck in a vaulting accident. The woman is paralyzed from below the middle of her chest. This will be a difficult case for all those involved. Sang Lan,

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