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November, 2009 | SEONewsWire.net
Month: November 2009

Defective Product Injury Law

Most products we buy on the market usually work as advertised. Occasionally, this isn’t the case and something goes wrong. Can consumers do anything about a product that doesn’t live up to its advertising? In a word, yes. If it

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Concussions or TBI?

Is there really any difference between a concussion and traumatic brain injury? The question of whether or not a concussion is a more benign form of head injury as compared to traumatic brain injury is a good one. By all

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Tort Reform Hurts People

On the surface, tort reform sounds like it might be a fine idea, but the underlying premise is flawed and would actually hurt those it is supposed to help. The great health care debate has actually dragged up more for

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Medical Malpractice Suits Driven by Plaintiffs

Who drives medical malpractice lawsuits and are they as prevalent as people actually think? In actual fact, lawsuits are usually driven by plaintiffs. If that is the case, then it is reasonable to assume that medical malpractice lawsuits are a

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TBI and Sports Go Hand-in-Hand

Traumatic brain injury is popping up in the news more and more these days in association with high-contact sports. It used to be that most people associated traumatic brain injury with car accidents or slip and falls. These days, however,

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Black Friday Shopping Spree Turns Dark

Amelia Nosehart liked to fly through the malls to get a head start on Christmas. But a policy she’d purchased from California Health Insurance agent Matt Lockard literally helped save her sight when “shopping” went horribly wrong. Amelia Nosehart’s favorite

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California Strict Product Liability

In a nutshell, strict product liability means liability of all the people involved in the manufacturing process from start to finish to distribution. Not a lot of people truly realize that strict product liability is as all encompassing as it

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Just the Basics

Which business entity do I choose? Your business has been doing so well you are amazed. For the last couple of years it has continued to grow despite the severe recession. You’re rather proud of the fact that you ran

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Dropping the Other Shoe

If your commercial real estate is foreclosed, what is your personal exposure? There was optimism that the real estate market was making a comeback and then – experts said it was looking really bad for commercial property owners and getting

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CPR Fixes More than Software Glitches

While software issues with Apple’s iPhone OS have now been resolved, it’s important to realize that the thing itself might still break. That’s where CPR comes in. About a month ago Apple introduced an updated iPhone OS 3.1. This smartphone-related

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