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Welcome Surprises in Flooring Updates for Your New Home

You never know what may wait underneath your carpets. Check to find out if you have a hidden hardwood treasure. So, you just bought a home. It has carpeting throughout it, and you really do not care for it. One

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Negligence on Texas Worksite Leads to Severe Leg Injury

Those who let their attention slip on the jobv may inadvertently contribute to serious injuries or deaths. Texas worksites are active accidents looking for a place to happen. Workers could easily suffer serious injuries if their coworkers are not following

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Frequently, in the settlement of a personal injury case the plaintiff is receiving a large settlement.  Often, the same plaintiff has significant financial and medical needs that can be met through public benefits.  The purpose of a Special Needs Trust

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Years ago the difficult job of a personal injury attorney was to settle the case.  In recent years, a myriad of other issues has developed and the personal injury attorney is wise to address them in order to avoid malpractice

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Following Pill Mill Crackdown, South Florida Doctor Explains Alternative Treatments for Chronic Pain in New Documentary

Florida has made strong progress in driving unethical pill mill doctors and drug dealers from the state, but many Floridians still suffer from chronic pain. A new documentary from the Discovery Channel features a South Florida doctor who says drug

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Expanding an Agency With Insurance Leads

When starting out as an insurance agency, it can be difficult to find your first leads. Solid leads are rare, and no one wants to solicit all their family members for business (there’s an invitation to Christmas dinner to consider).

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The Differences between 504 Plans in Public Schools vs Colleges & Universities

It is important for students with disabilities who plan to attend college, and their parents, to understand how their legal rights related to their disability will change in a post-secondary education environment. In public elementary and secondary schools, students with

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Pinterest for Insurance Marketing

Time to think outside the box. You may think Pinterest is a lovely service, but not really suited for insurance agencies. Surprisingly, Pinning offers your agency much more than you may think. Pinterest is no longer just for pictures of

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Unnecessary Transvaginal Mesh Implant Harms More Than It Heals

One woman from Phoenix, Arizona wanted a solution to stop her bladder from leaking. The organ had dropped after the delivery of her four children, all of whom were unusually large at birth. Her surgeon recommended a transvaginal mesh kit

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How To Choose The Best Divorce Attorney Based On Your Needs

One of the biggest and toughest decisions in your life can be filing for divorce, something generally most people do not want to do except as a last resort.  The next biggest issue is choosing a divorce attorney to represent

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