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August, 2010 | SEONewsWire.net
Month: August 2010

How to Get the Best Representation for Your Veterans Disability Claim

Is your representative an attorney? This seems to be a silly question but often those who we meet with either do not know or mistakenly think their representative is an attorney when the representative actually is NOT! Also many individuals

FLInsurance.com Urges Homeowners to Add Identity Theft Protection to Their Policies

Identity theft can destroy a person’s life. Adding identity theft protection as an endorsement to an existing homeowners policy can offer consumers security and peace of mind. Each year millions of Americans learn the hard way how easy it is

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What to Do With Your Homeowners Insurance Policy After a Divorce

Homeowners insurance policies should be reviewed as your life situation changes. After going through a divorce, it’s important for you to amend your homeowners insurance documents. After you and your spouse got married, it’s safe to assume that you moved

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Getting the Right Auto Insurance Quote

When applying for auto insurance, consumers want to get the best deal possible. In order to get the best deal, motorists need to provide accurate information on their applications. By providing agents with accurate information, motorists can be sure that

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Protecting Your Home from Burglaries

If you’re heading off for summer vacation this month, you should make sure your home and its contents are protected. With residents away from their homes, burglars may be more inclined to target them. One of the most frightening things

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Let a Medicare Insurance Agent Sort Through Options to Answer Questions

Turning 65 is a landmark in many ways. Having Medicare is another major difference. “You’d think that with the number of people turning 65 in the nation that they would be aware of what they need to do to get

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Medicare Enrollment Starts Three Months Before a Person Turns 65

It’s a good idea to know when to apply for Medicare. It saves the hassle of scrambling later. “If you are not getting Social Security benefits, then before you turn 65, you need to apply for Medicare. It is not,

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Hospices Now the Target of Medicare Fraud

In a world gone mad with greed, hospices are now the target of Medicare fraud. Claims are being made for people who are not dying. Most people associate hospices with caring, quite, dignified palliative care for those who need assistance

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The Medicare Run Down for 2010

With all the new changes in Medicare, it’s hard to keep track of what was then and what is now. This article should help you. Anytime something changes, whether it’s how your bank processes your checks or when your health

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Smart Quoting Is the Bee’s Knees

If you’re ready to quote your insurance website visitors when they land on your site, you’re marketing the smart way. If you don’t have a quoting function on your insurance marketing website, you may be losing visitors that convert. Meaning,

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