More Proposed Health Insurance Reform Legislation Nuggets

Health insurance coverage for dependent children is going to be broadly expanded for children under 27 years old. This makes sense given the tough economy and considering the number of older children that have had to return home to make ends meet. There will also be “no” limitations or caps on health benefit amounts. Right now, there are limits of roughly 1 to 2 million dollars. All in all, the changes should see some real differences in the way health care is handled in America.

Just as there are things that are the same in both of the bills, there are a couple of differences that you will want to know about. The bill in the Senate slices and dices the Medicare budget by roughly 500 billion dollars, and that’s a whole lot of money. The House bill includes the Stupak amendment. In essence it bans the use of federal money for supplementing abortions that any health plan offers. This still seems to be under debate, so there is no telling how it will resolve.

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