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January, 2012 | SEONewsWire.net
Month: January 2012

Clothing and Footwear Manufacturers Should Pay Attention to Child Safety More

In yet another choking hazard recall, thousands of kid’s slippers have been recalled. When today’s older Americans were kids, they certainly did not have as many toys made that were a serious choking hazard. Not to say that there may

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Connecticut Nursing Home Care Lapses Increase Risk of Harm to Residents

When nursing homes deviate from the standard of care that residents are due, they can cause serious harm. Recent incidents in Connecticut show how nursing homes lapsed in their patient care. The South Windsor Rehabilitation & Skilled Nursing Center was

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Head Trauma Causes Railroad Foreman to Sue Employer

Traumatic brain injury can be deadly. It certainly alters a person’s life. This on-the-job injury case involved a railroad worker. John Doe (whose name has been changed to protect the victim) had worked for the Kansas City Southern Railway Company

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Illegal Immigration Policies Have Gone Too Far

Are the current strict immigration enforcement policies going too far? Evidence would suggest that is the case. While this might not come as any great surprise to some, others found it shocking. The man who put together Arizona’s highly inflammatory

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Travertine Tiles Are Rising as a Flooring Trending Says Champion Tile and Marble

For homeowners that want a natural and elegant look to their floors, choose travertine tiles. “I’ve had a great many clients chose travertine tiles when they wanted to upgrade their flooring. Basically, they wanted something elegant, easy to keep and

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Police Nabbed This Drunk Driver Before He Had the Chance to Kill Two Children

Sometimes, the stars all align and bring good luck. Thankfully the cops caught this driver before he killed two kids. Sometimes, fate plays a hand in someone’s life, or in the lives of many. That is what happened in this

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One Out Of Every Five Americans Lives with a Pre-Existing Medical Condition Says Benepath CEO, Pennsylvania

Those who live with pre-existing conditions often have a difficult time getting affordable health insurance. “I’ve heard this said many times over: that people with pre-existing medical conditions have a hard time getting health insurance that is reasonably priced. It

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If Teenager Got a Car for the Holidays, It Is Time To Update Insurance

This past holiday some families may have chosen to give one of the family vehicles to a teenage child to spare the expense of buying a new car. Many families choose to give an already-paid-for automobile to one of the

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B-1 Visas Help Americans and Foreigners Conduct Business Here

The U.S. State Department provides B-1 visas for citizens of other countries to come to the United States to conduct business. Most people travelling to the United States from around the world need a non-immigrant visa in order to enter

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California Child Custody Cases Redefining Who is the Parent

A recent California child custody case shows how the state is redefining who it deems a child’s parent. Typically, the courts have given custody to a child’s biological or adoptive parents. But since 2002, groundbreaking child custody cases have looked

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