New Proposed Health Care Law Has Two Versions

Just so you don’t find things too confusing with “two” versions, you really only need to know the similarities, because those are what is important. For instance, both bills state it is mandatory that people without insurance get health insurance and if you don’t get it, there will be penalties.

This might give you some pause for thought if you think you can save money by not buying health insurance. It will eventually become more expensive to “not” have it in the form of fines, and realistically, everyone will need medical care at some time in their lives.

There will be government subsidies to assist in paying for health insurance for low and middle income families. Interestingly, there will also no longer be “any” exclusions for pre-existing conditions; a huge bonus for many of the currently uninsured in the US. What this means is that insurance companies will be required to accept any one who applies, despite what medical condition they may have.

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