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April, 2014 | SEONewsWire.net
Month: April 2014

Joyce and Reyes Personal Injury Attorney Cites Ongoing Safety Concerns Following Tampa Student Pedestrian’s Death

A car struck two Tampa students as they walked to school, killing one. Sisters Victoria and Norma Velasquez-Cabrera were crossing Hillsborough Avenue on the 2500 block to get to Middleton High at about 7:15 a.m. on a recent Tuesday. A

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Tampa radio personality arrested for solicitation for prostitution which carries mandatory $5,000.00 "civil penalty" unless criminal charge is dismissed

This time it was the Tampa Police Department running a prostitution sting in response to neighborhood complaints about prostitution in the area.  A local radio personality was arrested in the sting Tuesday night on a charge of unlawful acts as

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Florida speed limits to be raised? Gov. Scott just needs to sign the bill.

Could the speed limit on some of Florida’s highways be raised in the near future?  That is a very real possibility now as the Florida House narrowly passed the bill to raise the limit by only 2 votes.  If the

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Twelve Surgeries Later, Patient’s Leg Amputated Because of Ankle Broken 10 Years Ago

A broken ankle that occurred 10 years ago led to the amputation of a man’s leg. In what may be one of the largest jury awards of its kind, a New York man was handed $9.1 million for his medical

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Wrongful Death Lawsuit Results in Large Settlement out of Court, Due to Employer Negligence

Although this workplace lawsuit happened in Philadelphia, it could just as easily happen in Austin, Texas, the state with the highest number of on-the-job injuries and deaths. This was a wrongful-death lawsuit that arose after the death of a Philadelphia

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Distracted Driving Accidents Are Likely Higher Than Numbers Show

Distracted driving accidents are probably more numerous than the numbers show. This is due to the way statistics are kept, with distracted driving often being logged under careless driving. There is not, as of yet, any real way to track

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How Annuities Work

Annuities are an investment tool that investors use to help plan for retirement. Before deciding whether to make an annuity contract part of your financial plan, it is important to understand how annuities work and what potential pitfalls you need

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Austin Police Chief Recognizes Austin’s Drunk Driving Problem

Austin has had a rash of drunk driving injuries in the last several months, including the huge SXSW wreck. After Kelly Noel, a local popular blogger, was killed by a drunk driver this weekend, Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo is

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Five Injured as New York City Bus Crashes Into Minivan, Building

Five people were injured when a New York City bus collided with a vehicle, careened onto a sidewalk and crashed into a building. The accident occurred on the morning of April 4, 2014 on Broadway near West 155th Street in

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If Bathroom Renos Are Pending, Pay Attention to the Process of Proper Tiling

There are four rules of thumb to observe when tiling. “Bathroom renos can be fun and they can also be a huge pain,” points out the owner of Champion Tile and Marble in Tampa Bay, Florida, Dean Dupre. “The DIY

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