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February, 2011 | SEONewsWire.net
Month: February 2011

New Grants Awarded for Group Health Insurance Wellness Programs

Tampa, FL – Grants are now being awarded for small businesses to assist in providing comprehensive workplace wellness programs. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) will award $200 million over the next five-year period to businesses that did

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An Explanation of Collision and Comprehensive Auto Coverage

Although not required by the state of Florida, collision and comprehensive insurance are two very important types of auto insurance coverage. Let’s take a look at each one. Collision insurance protects drivers from accidents involving other vehicles and objects. It

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Consumers Can Protect Themselves from the Top Five Homeowner Insurance Claims in Orlando

Orlando, Fla. – The top five homeowner’s insurance claims in Orlando are due to wind, water damage, theft, physical damage and lightning. These total between $2,600 and $64,000 per claim. It is crucial to evaluate the proper coverage amounts and

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Renters Insurance a Wise Way to Protect Belongings and Liability Claims

Renters insurance typically costs about the same price of large pizza on a monthly basis. With that price, it is a no-brainer to safeguard your valuables and protect yourself against liability claims too. Policies in 2011 have many unique features

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Collision Forgiveness Policies Gain Interest in Florida Metropolitan Areas

Collision forgiveness appears in so many TV insurance ads, it is good to know if an insurance company will really forgive drivers when they are involved in an accident. Standard auto insurance policies give the driver a lower rating when

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Reckless Driving While Under the Influence Results in Three Vehicle Crash

Wrongful death comes calling in many different ways. In this instance, a wrong-way driver introduced the Grim Reaper to an innocent victim. While you might like to think that every other driver on the road is alert and aware and

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2011 Will be a Tough Year for Immigrants Due to Changes in the House on the Hill

What is in store for immigration for 2011? The answer is blowing whichever way the wind is going. New faces in new places in the House mean 2011 will bring more stalling, more confusion and more debate from scratch over

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Your Insurance Website Needs to be Different to Stand Out on the Web

If you want to stand out amongst the insurance marketing websites on the Internet, you have to be different. Who does not want to be different? Who does not want to have their website stand out? Who really knows how

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Successfully Navigate Business Aircraft Financing with an Aviation Attorney and Acquisition Consultant

With business planes at record low prices, buyers have a rigid set of rules to now adhere to in order to get financing. The key is to start looking for financing early on in the process to take advantage of

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When The Doctor Blows It A Wrongful Death Lawsuit Typically Follows

Doctors have a major duty of care to their patients. If they assess someone as being fit to do something and that person dies doing it, they are negligent. This recently published case is very disturbing and involves a doctor

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