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April, 2011 | SEONewsWire.net
Month: April 2011

DIY with Water Distillers to Assure Safety With Fresh and Clean Water Says H2O Labs

For people who want to make sure they are drinking fresh, safe water, they need to invest in water distillers. “Water quality is a genuine concern all across America today. If you read the news, you will see stories daily

Parenting Time Violations Equal Harsh Consequences for Divorced Parents

Denver, Colo. – Child custody laws in Colorado promote frequent and continuing contact between each parent and their children after a divorce. Any parent who violates this principle faces harsh consequences, including contempt of court, fines, custody or visitation modifications,

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Wrongful Death Lawsuits May Be Filed Against Those Facing Criminal Charges

If someone dies by the hand of another and there was negligence involved, a wrongful death lawsuit may be filed. This is applicable even if the defendant was criminally charged. This is a case that garnered a number of headlines

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Water Treatment Process Does Not Treat Everything in Water Says H2O Labs

If water is treated before it gets to homes, then it should be safe. While that is the theory, it does not always work in practice. “In today’s world, we have a major water contamination problem. It’s so bad that

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Divorce Paperwork Preparation Services Are a Bad Idea

Many couples getting divorced are attracted to the low-cost option of document preparation services. With claims of having divorce paperwork done in one hour for cheap rates, it is enticing to keep clicking away on the Internet to file for

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Well Water is just as Contaminated as City Water Says H2O Labs

For those that do not drink city water because it is contaminated, think twice about well water. It too may be full of nasty things best not ingested. “It is a well known fact that America’s tap water is contaminated;

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Modern Estate Plans Specify Wishes for Online Identity and Accounts

Most people think about what will happen to their bank accounts, 401Ks, home, and their wedding rings when they pass away. Gone are the days of keeping mementos in scrapbooks, photo albums, and boxes full of handwritten letters. After all

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Dating During a Divorce Can Lead To Complications

Christina Aguilera’s post-divorce life got very interesting this winter when TMZ learned that her ex husband and new boyfriend had been residing with her at the singer’s Beverly Hills home for weeks. TMZ reported that her ex had not wanted

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Pedestrian Killed While Crossing in a Crosswalk And Driver Fled Scene Indicated Austin Personal Injury Lawyer

You would think if you were crossing the street in a designated crosswalk area that you would be safe. Think again. It seems no matter where one goes or what one does these days, there is a need to be

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Piece Of Plummeting Forklift Shatters On Ground And Injures Employee

Accidents on jobsites happen in the blink of an eye. This one was no exception and it caused serious injuries as a result. A construction crew was at the University of Scranton and work was being done on many buildings,

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