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February, 2010 | SEONewsWire.net
Month: February 2010

Two Semis Tangle, One Dies

This case revolves around two semis; one a box truck and an 18-wheeler that collided in Bakersfield, California. It was just something that should never had happened, and likely wouldn’t have in most cases, but for the fact that the

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Two Vehicle Crash with Semi Resulted in Serious Injuries but no Fatalities

In what may be a case of “touched by an angel,” two people were injured when they were struck by a semi. Apparently the driver of the car that was hit lost control of a Pontiac G6, which wound up

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The Stroller was hit by a Semi

This is a catastrophic accident that no one will ever forget, not when it involves the death of a 2 ½ year old toddler. The mother, 35-year Courtney Ayer was out with her jogging stroller and her son Dylan when

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The Car was Under the Bus

This case is a bit of a mystery, which has not yet been solved. The 21-year old driver of a small Kia was traveling westbound on a lane parallel to a school bus full of noisy kids. The bus got

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Three Dead Following Big Rig Crash

In this case, three people, were killed after a big rig slammed into them on the highway near Salt Lake City. The three people were all from one family and the dead included a 9 month old baby. Apparently, according

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Speed has the Potential to kill when driving an 18-Wheeler

Head on collisions with a semi generally don’t come out in anyone’s favor. At least in this case, while there were serious injuries, there were no fatalities. In this instance a semi and Ford pickup tangled in Idaho. The Ford

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Volvos with Sticky Pedals?

It seems that even other makes and models of cars may have sticky pedal problems, not unlike Toyota’s Prius. This personal injury accident case from Georgia recounts the story of 27 people being injured after being ploughed down by a

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A Plane Load of Success for Humanitarian Reasons

A quest is a search for something and in this case, the quest eventually turned out to be a profitable aviation business with humanitarian interests at heart. During the recession there are a lot of industries suffering significant hits. A

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Using Planes Actually Means a Well Run Business

Think booming business that provides jobs to Americans, even during a recession. Think smart business means smart business aviation use. In a world that loves to pounce on excesses, it isn’t hard to find hundreds of people tsk-tsking over the

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To Drive or Fly to Your Destination, That Is the Question

Hoofing it to that far away destination may be an alternative, but not a viable one. Flying, on the other hand, now that makes far more sense. Typically, most Americans figure they get things done faster because they have a

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