AARP Surprisingly Backs Significant Cuts to Health Care Insurance

AARP has been seen inside the vaunted halls of the Administration taking an active role in helping to pass the up and coming health care legislation. It didn’t seem to matter what side needed the help, they were there working to make it happen – period. Then along came the shocking announcement that they were backing the enormous cuts to senior’s health care. Those cuts will amount to $460 billion and that is not peanuts.

There are over 40 million senior AARP members, and that includes all 50 states. Furthermore, one of the major claims this organization makes is that they are a non-partisan (and non-profit) group working to help those over 50 years of age improve the quality of their lives. It defies the imagination to wonder how $460 billion in cuts to health care is going to improve the lives of seniors.

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