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Oak Hardwood the Best for High Traffic Areas

High traffic areas are always the hardest projects when it comes to flooring upgrades. This leaves the question of which material is the best to choose. For those that love hardwood, but can not bring themselves to use it in

For the Eco-Conscious Flooring Choices Are Eminently Exciting

As an environmentally friendly approach to renovating a home or redoing flooring, eco-conscious flooring is an exciting and green way to perfect a living space. Flooring choices for environmentally conscious homeowners were once very limited. Today, however, the sky is

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White Marble is a Huge Hit for Kitchen Renovations

Dazzling kitchens capture the viewer’s eye and heart. “It’s true, marble in the kitchen is one of the most attractive, elegant stones you could possibly use to upgrade your personal cooking space,” says Dean Dupre, owner of Champion Marble &

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Reclaimed flooring might not be as cheap many think

Recycled flooring is trending, and has been for a long time. It is eco-conscious, looks stunning, is easier to obtain than it once was and is affordable. Affordable, that is, with one caveat. It is only inexpensive or nearly free

Tiling Projects Require Professional Handling

DIY-ers love doing tackling projects around the house. If tiling is next on the list, it will require research and care. Tiling is not as easy as it looks. House, home and hearth need professional installation and finishing to look

Pair Bamboo Flooring with Radiant Heating for Safe Installation and Eco-Conscious Living

Radiant in-floor heating is very popular. To install it properly, you need to choose the flooring above it wisely. Radiant heating is omni-directional, moving in all directions and heating indirectly. Installers need to understand how the system works when installing

The Latest Hot Trend Is Tiling Walls

Most people think tiles are for the floor. These days, tiling the wall is the hot new trend. When new trends hit the market, you tend to see a lot of homeowners rushing out to try the latest fad. Right

Think Tiling for an Elegant Home Renovation

During renovation, many homeowners are drawn to ceramic tiling. Tiles are suitable not only for flooring, but also for counters, tubs, sinks and even walls. Ceramic tiles offer beauty, flexibility, texture, color and value. Moreover, ceramic is exceptionally durable. Tiles

Resin flooring, a new player in home beautification

Resin flooring is a good choice for those who want a durable, yet good looking floor upgrade. Resin flooring is not made of that sticky stuff which comes out of trees. Resin flooring is a relatively new player in the

For tiling that adapts as you need it, consider Crema Marfil

Love that cool look of tile in your home? Try Crema Marfil for something different. When you want to upgrade your living space, your first consideration is to keep an eye on what adds value for a potential sale. Choosing

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