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Long-Term Care: An Overview

“Long-term care” is the term used to describe care services for an adult who needs help and care, either in-home or in a care facility. The best time to plan for a long-term care option for you or a loved

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Most Health Insurance Plans Don’t Cover Autism

Most health insurance plans don’t cover autism. That may be about to change based on a bill being considered in Missouri. Autism is far more common than we realize, but what many people don’t realize is that most health insurance

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Bernard A. Krooks Elected President of Estate Planning Council of Westchester County

Bernard A. Krooks, managing partner of law firm Littman Krooks LLP, has been elected president of the Estate Planning Council of Westchester County. The council was established in 1967 to improve understanding of the concepts and nuances of estate planning

Second Marriages and Estate Planning

With the number of divorces continuing to rise in the United States, there has been an increase in second marriages. Second marriages and the blended families that often result from them can pose a number of estate planning issues. This

The Benefits of Living Trusts for GLBT Couples

Same sex couples often encounter unique estate planning issues, as their unions are not recognized in most states, and are, therefore, not legally protected. There are, however, estate planning options open to same sex couples that can provide them with

Receiving an Inheritance

Creating an estate plan for one’s family can be a difficult and complex process. However, receiving an inheritance can be almost as difficult as creating an estate plan, as there may be many challenges and questions that arise. When you

Tile or Carpet Dictates a Home’s Ambience

For the right ambience in your home, figure out what works best in each room. That may be tile or carpet. “If you’ve been looking at your home recently and thinking that it’s time to do some updating, the first

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Coming Clean with Tiles

Cleaning tiles is the last thing people want to do. However, regular maintenance keeps them in top shape for longer. The job of cleaning your tiles is usually the last thing anyone really wants to do on their day off.

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Talk About Mortar-Fication

If you’re doing tiling on fresh mortar, keep the level at the right depth. If it sinks, you need to back butter it. No, we’re not talking about food, even though you may be forgiven for thinking that since we’re

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Tile Your Baseboards

If you want a really unique way to liven up your living space, try tiling your baseboards. It’s quite the conversation starter. Everyone likely knows they can tile their floors, but did you know you can also have your baseboards

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