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June, 2012 | SEONewsWire.net
Month: June 2012

Drunk Driver must Wear Sign Detailing his Crime

A Texas judge has ordered an unusual extra punishment for a man convicted of driving drunk and killing a 20-year-old man. There are a number of ways to serve time for drunk driving and killing someone. Most involve various periods

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Bizarre Wrongful Death Case Arises in Tandem with a Near Death by Bombing

Human emotion often gets in the way of common sense. This case clearly demonstrates that premise. This is a twisted tale of a doctor, convicted of a bombing that nearly killed the head of the state medical board. That alone

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Head-on Collision Sends Victims to Hospital in Critical Condition with Life-threatening Injuries

Head-on collisions rarely have a good outcome. This case is no exception. This accident involved a direct head-on between a BMW and a school bus. School bus collisions are always frightening for first responders and the kids, as many busses

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Drunk Driving Deaths and Convictions can Launch Many Unusual Partnerships

There are some cases where a drunk driver and a victim’s family forge a bond to teach others about DUI. You would think the last thing the family of a drunk driving victim would want to do is talk to

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Tampa Social Security Lawyer David W. Magann Celebrates 1,400th Hearing

Tampa social security and disability attorney, David W. Magann has a lot to celebrate. Recently he opened his third office in the Tampa Bay area located on Bayshore Boulevard to serve the South Tampa area and had his 1,400th social

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Former football player with Traumatic Brain Injury Related Dementia Takes his Own Life

Traumatic brain injury is often misunderstood because it is not seen. Only the symptoms indicate there is a problem. The difficulty with traumatic brain injury is that many in the sports world still laugh about having their ‘bell rung.’ Many

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Alleged Drunk Drivers are Entitled to a Defense

Everyone accused of drunk driving is entitled to a defense. Never assume a case is what it looks like from the outside. Justice has two sides – justice for the victim and for the accused. While that concept may seem

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Medical Malpractice Happens When Foreign Bodies are Left in a Patient after Surgery

You would think the surgeon operating on a patient would keep track of the sponges. They did not in this case. This case is the one of the nightmarish ones. You go to a hospital for an operation and someone

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Tail-gating Sends Woman to Hospital in Critical Condition

The three vehicle collision injured four, one critically, when a FedEx contractor rammed into the back of a car that was slowing down to turn into a driveway. He was not paying attention to what he was doing. The force

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PERM labor Certification is a Few Steps Short of a Joke

The PERM labor certification process is almost more of a mess than immigration reform. Many of the mandatory requirements do not make sense. Even trying to wade your way through the PERM labor certification process is guaranteed to create a

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