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March, 2011 | SEONewsWire.net
Month: March 2011

North Carolina Senators Fight for Veterans Who Drank Polluted Base Water

Up to 750,000 Marine veterans and their families who were exposed to contaminated water may be given free health care provided by the government if two senators from North Carolina have their way. Democrat Sen. Kay Hagan and Republican Sen.

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Boil Water Advisory Issued by EPA for Town of Macy in Nebraska

No one ever gets used to having to boil water before drinking it. Boil water advisories happen far too often in a supposedly civilized country. Those who have lived through a boil water advisory never look at their water source

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Too Much Fluoride Is Causing Problems

It had to happen. Once thought to be the bee’s knees for healthy teeth, Americans are now getting too much fluoride. No one is quite sure why people would think that if a small amount is good, that a bigger

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Be Proactive in the Days Following Being Served Divorce Papers

It has been a busy day at work, and after pulling into the driveway, you can see that some papers have been posted on the front door. The kids are tugging at your briefcase and you promptly pull off the

Smart Insurance Marketing Brings Customers

If you knew what your insurance marketing website really needs to convert browsers to buyers, you would be completely happy, right? While this is information you can definitely find out, search engine optimization is not something that everyone readily understands.

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Not Many Know What Health Care Reform was Supposed to Accomplish

Can government really force the citizens of this nation to buy health insurance, and force them to pay a fine if they do not? While health care reform is fine as an ideal, it seems that the legislation that was

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Migration Policy Institute Examines E-Verify and Recommends Changes

The E-Verify system, a free program run by the United States government, allows employers to check a new hire’s eligibility to work in the U.S. While the program was established to prevent illegal aliens from working in the U.S., and,

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Teen Driver Loses Control Of Truck And Kills Two

Many people wonder if teens should be allowed to drive as early as they do in some states. They lack the experience to properly handle a vehicle. Call this a “hot button issue.” At what age should teens be allowed

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Internet Defamation is Serious Business to Big and Small Companies

Businesses spend a lot of time doing marketing and public relations to build their brand, so it can be devastating to find that someone has posted a harsh statement on the Internet that is outright false. For all the efforts

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The Insurance Market is All New in 2011

A new year means a new start, or at least revamping things that might not have been working for you. Let’s say your insurance website was not converting as many people as you had hoped it would. Or the number

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