Not Many Know What Health Care Reform was Supposed to Accomplish

Can government really force the citizens of this nation to buy health insurance, and force them to pay a fine if they do not?

While health care reform is fine as an ideal, it seems that the legislation that was drafted to make it eventually happen rubbed a great many people the wrong way. It looked very much like the government was making a foray into the realm of private business (health insurance), so that they could eventually become the largest government run health care system – a system to which everyone in the country would pay their premiums.

The one provision that really got people in an ugly mood was being told that they either bought health insurance or they would pay a stiff penalty. This stance begs the question of how homeless Americans could ever pay the fine, never mind the health insurance premiums? Obviously, it was not just the citizens who got up in arms over this mandated provision. Twenty states filed a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of that provision.

On the surface, it looks like government can do that, because the Constitution grants them that power; the power to regulate commerce. Think funding Medicare and Social Security through taxation as comparable examples. While the commerce clause allows government to regulate commerce between states, does that apply to individuals?

A move like this has never happened before; a move that says all citizens must buy health insurance from a private company and if they do not, they face tax penalties. There is nothing quite like this in the existing Constitution. While some say this is not any different than buying car insurance, which is mandatory, this is like comparing apples and oranges.

People must have car insurance if they have a vehicle and a license. This is in no way similar to someone being told they must have health insurance simply because they exist. It is this aspect of health care reform that has the nation’s citizens in a tizzy. No one wants to be told what he or she can and cannot do when it comes to their own personal health care choices. If this is allowed to stand, what is next? That is frightening to contemplate and goes completely against the Constitution as it was drafted so many years ago.

Do your research and find out what this mandated health insurance move really means to you and your family. Do not sit idly by and shrug your shoulders. It is up to you to make a difference for the next generation.

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