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5 Innovative Ways to Get More Leads

1. Appeal to a broad market needing insurance Let’s say you buy insurance leads from a lead generation company and you like how they work. You like the higher rate of conversions and the fact the leads are pre-qualified. It’s

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Insurance marketing online means dealing with algorithm changes constantly

If your insurance agency is online, you need to deal with algorithm changes regularly. Nothing seems to be easy any longer. Do you know what you need to do if the algorithms keep changing? You already know that affects how

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SEO insurance marketing gets more conversational

Remember the day when much of the content on insurance websites was chockfull of industry language, foreign to all, except other agents? The time has come for a more conversational approach, meaning plain English in words everyone understands, even if

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You don’t need a medical exam to ask for a life insurance quote

If you just want a quote on life insurance, you do not need a medical exam. It’s pretty easy to get life insurance quotes online these days. A few clicks or roller ball moves and you’re done. There are so

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Insurance search engine optimization does not happen overnight

Even though you want to get your insurance agency right up there in the Google rankings, it does not happen overnight. There is a famous myth in the search engine optimization (SEO) industry, or rather, people have the following impression

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A world driven by the electronic age

There isn’t much these days that isn’t e-driven. E-this and e-that, you will even find it in hospitals and doctor’s offices. There’s e-prescribing, texting, e-medical records, voice calls converted to talk mail and more. All very well and good, but

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Are People Staying On Your Insurance Website Once They Land There?

If you spend any time checking the health of your insurance website, you will know what kind of traffic you get. You spend hundreds of hours making sure you get people to your website. You want the business and you

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What term life insurance quotes mean

What do you get when you ask for quotes for term life insurance? You are asking for a price on temporary life insurance. You get various options to pay, varying length of coverage, various methods for paying premiums, names of

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Evaluate your term life insurance quotes carefully

Know some of the terms before you go shopping online for life insurance quotes. There are thousands of websites online that can provide you with life insurance quotes. Chances are you won’t want to visit them all, but looking at

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Insurance marketing is crucial for your agency

Without the right kind of search engine optimization (SEO) marketing for your insurance website, customer conversion is difficult. If you want the right kind of SEO marketing for your insurance agency, then you need to find a real insurance marketing

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