Boil Water Advisory Issued by EPA for Town of Macy in Nebraska

No one ever gets used to having to boil water before drinking it. Boil water advisories happen far too often in a supposedly civilized country.

Those who have lived through a boil water advisory never look at their water source again with anything other than pure suspicion. If something bad happened to their drinking water once, chances are it could happen again. We tend to trust that our water is safe, clean, good to drink and without harm. When that trust is broken, there is a solution to having fresh, safe and clean water on hand when you want it by using water distillers.

Sadly, those are not assumptions you should make without fully checking out what is actually in your water. You may be dumbfounded to discover that there are over 2,100 toxic substances hitching a ride in those water molecules. Do you really want to drink a glass of water whose main claim to fame is that is has at least 2,100 contaminants in it that will then be in your body when you swallow it? No? Most people would say the very same thing, and for good reason. Most people would prefer knowing their water is safe to drink 24/7/365 and would gladly invest in water distiller systems to get that assurance.

Macy, Nebraska is the latest location to get hit with a water advisory, and the EPA is warning people that get their water from the Omaha Tribe’s Macy water system to not drink it unless they boil it. It seems the system had sustained a number of line breaks recently; a situation that caused loss of pressure in the lines. When this happens, the water in the system has the potential to become contaminated – even more than it already is.

This was not the only reason the boil water advisory was issued. It seems the Tribe did not bother to test its water for the presence of contamination last December, as is required by law. Thanks to this oversight and the broken lines, residents in the area are now facing boiling their water from one to three minutes, to make sure any bacteria onboard is killed. To avoid the hassle, they could be assured of quality water by using water distillers, as water distillers provide, on demand, safe, clean and clear, fresh water, without any contaminants in it.

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