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October, 2009 | SEONewsWire.net
Month: October 2009

Health Care Reform Fairly Contentious Still

Americans are quite unhappy about what they have been hearing and seeing in the media about the health care reform package. The nationwide anger has delayed the proposed bill. The legislation is now just sitting quietly for now, until something

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The Senior Dilemma and Health Care Coverage

Most seniors are aware of health care reform proposals, but their major concern is if their plans will be taken away and what they will cost, and what they might lose as benefits. It’s not much wonder seniors on a

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Seniors Health Care Scams

Why do some insurance companies prey on seniors? The answer is they have no place to go and sometimes no family support, usually have money saved up for a small nest egg and aren’t technologically savvy or that aware of

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Health Care System Over Taxed and Failing

Unfortunately, the resources of our health care system are very limited in many ways. This isn’t a great surprise given how many people use it, sometimes daily. The costs are still escalating, even as you read this and it isn’t

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What Health Care Actually Costs

Do you know what you actually spend on health care costs? Most people don’t and when they find out, they are suitably shocked. It might teach you something about not running to the doctor for every ache and pain and

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Health Care Cooperatives Scary

To access affordable health care through a health care cooperative proposed by the government, those requiring medical help are “assigned” a team of primary care practitioners. You have zero say in the matter. If you can’t see a doctor right

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Health Care Cooperatives?

How does the nation get affordable health insurance for everyone without giving something up or taking something away? One proposal is health care cooperatives, which are likely a not so subtle stab at creating “more” insurance companies. The example usually

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Medicare a Single Payer Government Plan

Whether you realize it or not, Medicare is a single payer government plan for those 65 and over. While it might not be the “perfect” plan, many seniors are happy with it and how it works for them. The trouble

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Overcrowded ERs Still a Reality

It’s a well known fact that ER rooms at hospitals are overcrowded, and the waiting times are ridiculous and sometime deadly. Those who can’t afford health insurance are using hospitals as doctor’s offices because hospitals cannot refuse to treat sick

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Universal Health Care on Hold for Now

Since the universal health care reform bill now seems to be on hold for some solutions to the problems it is facing, give some thought to expanding health care insurance to a wider proportion of society, and about how that

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