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Patient Beware: Some Hospitals Do Not Carry Medical Malpractice Insurance

Though it might be quite a surprise to some patients, there are a number of hospitals in some of the busiest cities in the U.S. that do not have standard, full policy malpractice insurance. Some hospitals are “naked” or “bare,”

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Webb Says Dog Bites a Common Problem

Canines bite a few million people every year in the United States. It’s obvious what kind of physical repercussion an attack can have on a victim, but most people have no idea how dog bite laws can affect them, too,

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Don’t Waste Time To File A Claim After Being Injured, Webb & D’Orazio Firm Says

If one has been unfortunate enough to have been involved in a personal injury accident, there is only so much time to file a claim. If the statute of limitations runs out, the injured person no longer has the ability

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Investigators often make a criminal defense case fly

Those accused of a crime need competent criminal defense as soon as possible. Some attorneys use investigators to track down evidence. Usually one of the first things that a criminal defense lawyer does when someone has been accused of committing

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Botched medical treatments may result in serious injury or death

Medicine isn’t the easiest career. Mistakes can and do happen. Anyone who has ever been through some kind of medical treatment is likely aware that just one slip up, one small mistake, one misunderstanding can result in medical malpractice. Unfortunately,

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The Scope of Personal Injury

Not everyone realizes just what the scope of a personal injury may be, although often they do understand that the injury is usually the fault of someone else’s negligence. People have a passing idea of what a personal injury is

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The Business Is Business Law

It never fails that at some point in time a company in business will be sued. It just seems to be the general law of averages. There are a number of things that someone could be sued for, and we’re

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While You’re Under for Surgery

While you don’t hear about this particular type of medical malpractice that often, it does happen, and at your most vulnerable moment prior to and during surgery. The administration of anesthesia is a delicate art, and those trained in the

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What Med Mal May Encompass

It isn’t always clear what medical malpractice (med mal) is, since it seems there are new developments in medical technology daily that raise the bar for the acceptable standard of care, creating opportunities for medical malpractice. Generally speaking, the term

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Active Warrants Search

“In an interesting twist to the police being one step ahead of offenders with outstanding arrest warrants, people are now able to search online for their own active arrest warrants,” indicated Daniel H. Wannamaker of Wannamaker and Associates, of Austin,

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