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September, 2009 | SEONewsWire.net
Month: September 2009

Maintenance Support for the Man Is Reality

While it may seem difficult to comprehend, men are also entitled to maintenance as the result of a divorce settlement if the circumstances merit it. There are a lot of people who think that a man applying for and getting

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Health Care Twist-Uninsured Includes Illegal Aliens

Recently the President stated illegal immigrants would not get health care. The twist here is that the ranks of the uninsured already includes illegal aliens. In the mass of information, misinformation, disinformation and plain speculation over health care reform, the

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Real Time Monitoring of Water Supplies

If technology could monitor water in real time, we’d know immediately about all the gunk that is in the water coming out of our taps. Just the thought of what happens to be present in our water supply is pretty

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USCIS Advises Certain Religious Workers to File Their Adjustment Applications Before August 31, 2009

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (“USCIS”) has advised special immigrant religious workers under the Ruiz-Diaz class action lawsuit to file their adjustment applications before the end of August 2009. As background, USCIS current regulations prohibit the simultaneous filing

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Manure Pools Cause Water Problems

While agriculture is a valuable industry, the management of waste and chemicals is causing serious problems in our nation’s water supplies. Large farms that process animals for human consumption or who provide a commodity (like milk) from hundreds of cows,

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DHS Announces Guidance Regarding Computer Searches

Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Janet Napolitano recently announced new guidance for searches of electronic devices at U.S. ports of entry. The guidance provides additional information regarding how DHS conducts searches and when travelers may expect return of their

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The Sad Story of Juana Venada

Texas Civil Rights Projects filed suit against the state’s Department of Public Safety over restrictive requirements to obtain valid driver’s licenses. Among the plaintiffs in the case was Juana Venada, a Mexican national and single mother of three children, who

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CPR Can Fix Android Phones like Science Fiction

Androids like Data, a Star Trek character, have recently been recycled into devices less humanoid but more functional – like Motorola’s new Android phone. But when Dr. McCoy’s not around, the best Android doctor might just be your nearest CPR.

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Lead Contamination Is Deadly Serious

Lead contamination in water is more prevalent than anyone may think, whether a house is new or not. While everyone knows that drinking lots of water is something good to do for their health, these days people have to second

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Summer Voluntary Humanitarian Repatriation Resumes to the Mexican Interior

A program of voluntary humanitarian repatriation has been continued for the sixth consecutive year. The U.S. and Mexican governments recently announced resumption of a voluntary program to return Mexican nationals, who are unlawfully in the United States and who have

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