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More focus needed on physical health effects of PTSD, says study

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) has long been considered a psychological condition. However, researchers are now saying it should be viewed as a systemic disorder that can also take a damaging toll on bodily health. A new study has found that

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Pipeline owners file $300 million breach of contract lawsuit against midstream operator

An amended breach of contract lawsuit was filed by Magellan Midstream Partners and Plains All American Pipeline against Stampede Energy, seeking over $300 million in damages over an oil transport deal. The lawsuit claims that Stampede did not meet minimum

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High Bilirubin Levels Leading to Jaundice Leave Toddler’s Brain Damaged

Parents of a toddler, who sustained brain damage, received $46.5 million in a medical malpractice verdict. When the baby was born in 2014, her blood tests indicated high bilirubin levels. There were no further tests done and the hospital did

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The CRS Issues Report on Sanctuary Cities

The Congressional Research Service (CRS) has issued a report on sanctuary cities, addressing the issue of how to define a sanctuary city, specific limitations that states and localities have placed on immigration enforcement activity, and measures that the federal government

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Police nab 30 suspects in credit card fraud and identity theft ring

New York police uncovered a large credit card fraud and identity theft ring in Queens that is thought to have affected hundreds of thousands of victims. They arrested 30 people in connection with the scheme and named them in two

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Motorist Alleges Injuries by an Underinsured Driver

Victims of an auto accident have the right to seek compensation from a negligent party, whether through a settlement with the responsible driver’s insurance company or through filing a lawsuit. The best course of action is to contact an experienced

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Driverless Car Drama

We obviously represent a lot of people who are injured in car wrecks so I’m always interested in what happens on the driverless car front.  This story  presenting real life drama and corporate espionage in the driverless car industry in

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Sanctuary Cities in Texas

Texas Governor Gregg Abbot signed the SB-4 into law via Facebook live on May 7th 2017, and it’s said to take effect on September 01, 2017. The law takes away “sanctuary cities” by allowing Police Officers to ask people’s immigration

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The Role of an Elder Law Attorney in Personal Injury Actions

People are often surprised when they hear that elder law attorneys assist personal injury attorneys with public benefits issues associated with their case. Our working knowledge of the intricately woven issues associated with medical insurance, means-tested benefits, capacity and asset

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Crash with CTA Bus Leaves Four Dead; Alcohol a Possible Cause

Four people died as a result of a collision between a vehicle and a Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) bus. Police said the 27-year-old driver of a Buick LeSabre was speeding when he lost control and hit a parked car before

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