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January, 2011 | SEONewsWire.net
Month: January 2011

Insurance Search Engine Optimization Gets You Where You Want To Go

Got a hankering to boost your insurance website rankings, but are not sure how to do that? There are two ways to go. If you want to improve the visibility of your insurance website, there are two ways to do

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Why Insurance Companies Really Delay Paying on Motorcycle Crash Claims

Ever wonder why the insurance company takes forever and a day to pay up on a motorcycle crash claim? The answer will surprise you. Anyone who has ever been in a motorcycle accident and who has not hired a skilled

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There May be More Than Two Parties Involved In A Car Wreck

While most car wrecks tend to involve two vehicles, there is the potential for other people to be involved in the resulting lawsuit. No one wants to be in a car wreck, but sometimes, life happens. If the wreck is

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ICE Deports Immigrants During Booking Process And Gets Incentives Abound for Racial Profiling

Already in more than 650 jurisdictions and in 32 states, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) plans to expand the two-year Department of Homeland Security (DHS) program called “Secure Communities” to every state by 2011. Unlike other local/ICE partnerships, there is

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Benepath CEO Indicates Being Denied Health Insurance Is Not Always Kiss of Death

Denial of health insurance coverage is not the worst thing that could happen to a person. There are other viable options. “If you have been denied health insurance, you’re no doubt wondering what on earth you are going to do,

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Affordable Health Insurance Is A Must These Days

Finding affordable health insurance now is the best idea you could ever have. Do not wait until later. Despite the fact that the face of the House on the Hill has been modified and the balance of power is more

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Floridahealthcare Insurance Says No One Can Foretell Health Insurance Needs

If there is one thing in life that people can count on, it is that life is not predictable. While it makes living exciting at times, it can be a problem health-wise if you do not have insurance. “While a

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Individual Cape Coral Health Insurance Plans Do Not Need To Be Expensive

While people tend to think twice before buying health insurance because of the price, individual health plans do not need to be expensive. It’s a fact that a large number of companies are no longer offering health coverage because it

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H2O Labs Promotes Body Hydration with Quality Water

Health conscious people want clean and safe water. Most of the water on tap these days is contaminated. “Have you checked what is in your water at home? Is it safe? Did you know that most of the over 2,100

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First Transgender Judge in Texas History Arrives in Court

Phyllis Frye, formerly Philip Randolph Frye, recently became Texas’ first transgender judge. Frye was appointed by Houston Mayor Annise Parker, and unanimously approved by city council, to Associate Municipal Judge on November 17, marking an historical event for the transgender

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