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March, 2010 | SEONewsWire.net
Month: March 2010

CPR Will Be Ready for 2010’s Slew of iPad Devices

With tablets arriving like gadget-faced locusts in 2010, CPR’s expert service technicians are anticipating the inevitable. When they break – they will come to our retail shops. It’s happening. The big names and the not-so-big names are riding Apple’s wake

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CPR Will Be Able to Fix AT&T’s Android, Too

It took awhile, but AT &T is finally getting its own Android and the iPhone will have a little brother. That’s nice, but if it breaks, CPR will be able to fix it, and that’s even nicer. Everybody, when you’re

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iPad with Wi-Fi Is About to be Launched

Apple’s new iPad for Wi-Fi will be available to U.S. consumers on April 3, 2010, the latest innovation in 3G multi-apps wonderment. But what happens when it breaks? That’s what independent repair shops are for. Something I could not say

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New Wave of Sony Gadgets Coming

2010 is expected to inaugurate a new lineup of handheld products from Sony Corp. that are likely to be immensely popular. But what will we do when they break? The R & D wing of Sony Corp. has been busy

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When Motorola’s Android-Powered Devour Gets Eaten

Motorola’s new Android-powered Devour is its answer to Google’s Nexus. But what happens when calamity or mishap devours it? The answer will soon be CPR. Motorola had been developing its new Devour for awhile, as a marketplace competitor to Google’s

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CPR Can Fix Sprint’s Supersonic

Sprint’s first Wi Max smartphone, a beast called Supersonic has emerged, and CPR’s expert service technicians can fix it when it breaks. It will be Sprint’s first WiMax-enabled smartphone, an Android named Supersonic, although that’s a code-name. It will have

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Android Devices and Apps Big in Barcelona

The mid-February Mobile World Congress in Barcelona became a groundbreaking event for introducing a blizzard of Android phones, other devices, and their apps. While the open architecture of the Android platform has made it the “next new thing,” one certainty

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Solar Cells Can Recharge Cell Phones

Solar cells use photosensitive dye to provide power for e-book readers to cell phones, but what happens when a solar charged cell phone breaks? Independent repair shops will still be on standby. New solar cells can convert sunlight to energy,

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Revocable and Irrevocable Living Special Needs Trusts

Once you have decided to establish a Living Special Needs Trust, you must also decide whether or not this trust will be revocable or irrevocable. There are benefits and drawbacks of each type of trust, and you must carefully consider

Responsibilities of a Special Needs Trustee

Being the trustee of a Special Needs Trust is a job that comes with great responsibilities. Many family members consider naming a relative as trustee of their child’s Special Needs Trust. However, some families choose to go with a professional