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Quickly Summarizing an Insurance Agency’s Services and Products – a 30-Second Verbal Art

The verbal art of describing an insurance agency’s products and services takes a lot of thought, finesse, honesty and practice. Sometimes the window of opportunity to talk to a potential client is less than 60 seconds. Do it right, and

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Medicare Supplement Leads Are Gold

Medicare Supplements are absolute gold for building an insurance agency, as the older demographic needs and wants the product. There are a large number of agents out there that have issues with using lead generation companies and investing their hard-earned

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Pick a Medicare Lead Provider to Be a Partner

To build up an insurance business, you need to find reliable partners, not resellers, in lead generation. “Not many agents understand the difference between a partner and a reseller of quality leads, like Medicare supplement leads,” explained Clelland Green, RHU

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When marketing to seniors use only exclusive Medicare supplement leads

If you want to lock down a reliable source of leads, buy only quality exclusive Medicare leads. Exclusive Medicare supplement leads are worth every penny you spend on them. They are a critical part of your business as well, since

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Take Time To Research Health Insurance Quotes To Get An Optimal Plan

Having health insurance is better than coming up empty handed when a medical bill arrives. “While a large number of the American population is foregoing health insurance coverage, they are doing so because they think it’s too expensive. What many

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How Insurance Search Engine Optimization Affects a Website

Everyone and their dog claims to be insurance marketing experts. But are they? Some insurance marketing companies lay claim to being insurance search engine optimization (SEO) gurus, but are they really? Usually not. There are very few SEO companies that

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Benepath CEO Says Exclusive Medicare Supplement Leads Need Personal Touch

A personal follow-up to exclusive Medicare supplement leads can make a big difference to sales figures. “In a world that is virtually upside down these days, personal service in sales is remembered. Unfortunately, many sales people make the mistake of

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Health Care Law Will Not Cover Everyone, Says Benepath CEO

Despite what Americans think, Obama health care will not cover everyone. “We hear this all the time, that the health care reform bill will cover everyone and that we must get insurance in place by 2014 or pay a fine.

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One Out Of Every Five Americans Lives with a Pre-Existing Medical Condition Says Benepath CEO, Pennsylvania

Those who live with pre-existing conditions often have a difficult time getting affordable health insurance. “I’ve heard this said many times over: that people with pre-existing medical conditions have a hard time getting health insurance that is reasonably priced. It

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If Teenager Got a Car for the Holidays, It Is Time To Update Insurance

This past holiday some families may have chosen to give one of the family vehicles to a teenage child to spare the expense of buying a new car. Many families choose to give an already-paid-for automobile to one of the

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