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March, 2009 | SEONewsWire.net
Month: March 2009

When It’s Too Late for a Spousal Protection Plan

Osofsky & Osofsky offers crisis-engendered legal options when your spouse has already become incapacitated. Harry and Joan have been married for fifty-one years. Last year, they celebrated their Golden Wedding anniversary. They’d accumulated a modest “nest egg” over their working

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Developing a Long-Term Protection Plan

The Osofsky law firm offers estate planning with a long-term care twist. Spouses should create a Long-Term Care Protection Plan for each other, before a lingering illness happens, just in case. Gene L. Osofsky, of the law firm Osofsky &

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Is Planning to Access Public Benefits Ethical?

Not only is such planning “ethical,” in many cases it may be essential. It might even be considered a form of tax planning for the middle class. While longevity is increasing for both men and women, people are suffering from

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Caregiver Agreements: A Creative Solution to the Elder Care Dilemma

Caregiver agreements can be like a family-based insurance plan – creatively ensuring that elderly family members receive the loving care they deserve. Your frail mother is still beloved but she’s 92 and requires home care. Caring for her is a

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A Can of Tuna

Sam Rollins was uninsured and never thought much about it until he gouged his thumb opening a can of tuna. Sam had a decent job, was engaged to be married to a beautiful girl, and watched college basketball’s annual March

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The Spendthrifts Were Uninsured

Four of the estimated forty-seven million uninsured Americans comprised this quartet. “Perhaps there are others hiding behind their profligate ways,” asserts California health insurance agent, Matt Lockard. Chauncey McBride earned $75K per year as a top salesman for an Oxnard-based

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First Time Health Insurance Buyer Impresses His Parents

Stian had never been considered especially responsible by his parents – until he “popped the question” to a helpful California health insurance agent. He was blonde, tall, handsome and invincible according to his peers, a group of fellow 24-year-olds considered

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Alaskan Girls Spend Spring Break in Sunny California

When the pretty girls from the University of Alaska at Fairbanks spent spring break in sunny California, only a California health insurance agent could ease their pain. Thirteen relatively pretty girls traveled down for spring break on February 2nd from

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Fox Meadows Software Systems to be Funded by Obama’s New Stimulus Plan

Excellent “paperless” solutions from Fox Meadows are expected to be a perfect fit for ARRA. During the turbulent years of the recent Bush Administration, U.S. physicians saw the writing on the wall. Antiquated gathering of medical records was giving way,

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Fox Meadows Well Positioned to Assist ARRA

Fox Meadows EMR software and Practice Management software already is serving thousands of physicians. Buoyed by the Obama stimulus, officially named the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, solutions like those offered by Fox Meadows will certainly make EMR and electronic

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