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The Latest Hot Trend Is Tiling Walls

Most people think tiles are for the floor. These days, tiling the wall is the hot new trend. When new trends hit the market, you tend to see a lot of homeowners rushing out to try the latest fad. Right

Think Tiling for an Elegant Home Renovation

During renovation, many homeowners are drawn to ceramic tiling. Tiles are suitable not only for flooring, but also for counters, tubs, sinks and even walls. Ceramic tiles offer beauty, flexibility, texture, color and value. Moreover, ceramic is exceptionally durable. Tiles

Consider Elegant Hardwood to Revamp Your Flooring

Time to renovate your home’s interior? Why not focus on the floors first? There are a vast number of flooring options on the market today. So many, in fact, that it can be confusing to consider every choice. Would ceramic

Green flooring is important in today’s world

The preservation of dwindling world resources, especially trees, is a major concern for homeowners today. Thinking “green” can help save the environment. While it may be time to do something to upgrade the older, and perhaps unattractive, flooring in your

Town Advisories to Boil Water and Admit Presence of Bacteria Show Homeowners They Need to Get Water Distillers

Coliform bacteria’s presence in water would likely make anyone contemplating drinking it to boil it, just in case. “Hanover, Mass. had a situation recently where the town discovered bacterial contamination in their water supply,” explained Larry Wardell, who writes for

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Research a Water Quality Test Company Before Spending Money

It is an odd twist when a laboratory that makes and distributes chemicals that pollute water offers drinking water tests. “Just when you think that you have heard just about everything, along comes a story that involves a lab that

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H2o Labs Reports That Safe Drinking Water Options Exist When Nearby Land is Toxic

Coal tar and other dangerous chemicals kill long-term water drinkers. Cancer is the usual diagnosis, which is usually induced by exposure to benzene. Where a person lives may be detrimental to their health. This is certainly the case with a

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Affordable Solutions Exist to Help Homeowners Combat Bad Tap Water

Areas with solution channels and sinkholes are ripe for contaminated water. This town found that out the hard way. “When small town America discovers they have a contaminated water problem, nine times out of ten, no one really knows what

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Most Americans Do Not Realize Their Bottled Water is Contaminated Tap Water

Americans do not realize that most of the bottled water touted as being safe is actually contaminated tap water. “This is a scary thought, but in actual fact it is a reality,” said Larry Wardell, who writes for H2olabs.com, a

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Just Because a Glass of Water Looks Clean and Clear Does Not Mean it is Safe

Most people judge water on how it looks. However, just because it looks ok does not mean it is good to drink. “One of the biggest myths about water is that if it looks good, smells good and tastes ok,

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