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May, 2011 | SEONewsWire.net
Month: May 2011

Department of State Opens El Paso Passport Agency

A new passport agency has opened in El Paso, Texas, that will end the need for nearby residents to travel hours away just to get a passport. Previously, if El Paso residents needed to quickly obtain a passport for urgent

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Texas Construction and Drainage Dispute Requires Legal Guidance

Business owners generally expect their neighbors to think about the consequences of their actions before they act. Unfortunately, it appears the neighbors of an apartment complex in Galveston may not have done so. The owner of Courtyard Apartments is dealing

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Robotic Lift System Kills One and Severely Injures Another

When it works correctly, technology is great. In this case, unfortunately, it did not work correctly, and two people’s lives were changed because of it. One never expects an accident to happen, especially on a job you have been doing

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Sleep Apnea Compromises Truck Driver Safety and Potentially Other Driver’s Lives

An estimated one-third of commercial truck drivers have some form of sleep apnea, the University of Pennsylvania noted in a study. The study, which was sponsored by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and the American Transportation Research Institute

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The Effect Medication Can Have on a Social Security Disability Claim

A good percentage of individuals who have Social Security Disability claims must take medication to lessen a host of symptoms and conditions. Sometimes these conditions can only be controlled with very strong medication that can have numerous side effects and

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Seek Ample Florida Auto Insurance for a Business Vehicle

Tampa, Fla. – Auto accidents were the leading cause of work-related deaths, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported. Small businesses must be mindful of driving their vehicle for work purposes. An individual who might use their vehicle more for

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Divorcees Should Focus on the Kids and Not on Their Hatred to Each Other

Divorces typically are all about the two adults who can no longer get along and who deserves what assets, property, and privileges. Even though each spouse might equally love the children, oftentimes divorce can bring out the worst behaviors in

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Estate Planning Lessons from the Recent Earthquakes and Turmoil

Unanticipated disasters, such as economic downturns and the Japanese earthquakes and related nuclear problems, point to the urgent need of assessing your estate plan. A complete estate plan addresses your top priorities if you die or become incapacitated. Planning now

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Same Sex Cohabitation Agreements on the Rise in California and Nation

Gay and lesbian partners treat each other like family, even though California law still does not allow them to marry each other. California does permit domestic partnerships however and the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers has recently noted a rise

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Proposed Alimony Changes Could Modify Monetary Awards Substantially

In early April, the Florida House of Representatives’ Civil Justice Subcommittee unanimously approved a bill that would modify alimony again, even though many changes were made last year. A companion bill is at the Florida Senate but has not been

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