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February, 2014 | SEONewsWire.net
Month: February 2014

Think Tiling for an Elegant Home Renovation

During renovation, many homeowners are drawn to ceramic tiling. Tiles are suitable not only for flooring, but also for counters, tubs, sinks and even walls. Ceramic tiles offer beauty, flexibility, texture, color and value. Moreover, ceramic is exceptionally durable. Tiles

Toyota Works Toward Settlement for Sudden Acceleration Deaths

Years after the controversy began, Toyota is still dealing with defective e-throttle system issues. Toyota is now gathering its legal advisors and working towards a global settlement to deal with a second group of sudden acceleration death and injury cases.

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Death of Four and Injury of Nine Leads to Probation in Affluenza Case

One 16-year-old was involved in a drunk-driving accident that could have sent him to prison for 20 years. The collision killed four and injured several others. Instead, a judge ruled for 10 years of probation, asserting that the young man

Tinnitus Is an Annoyance for Many but a Potential Disability for Veterans

Frequent, deafening noise must rank as one of the great downsides of modern civilization. Unsurprisingly, construction sites, rock concerts, and other disruptive sources of sound have contributed to a significant incidence of tinnitus (often identified as a mysterious ringing in

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Subcompact Car Crash Tests Yield Sobering Results

With fuel prices rising, subcompact cars, or “minicars,” are becoming more popular, and new models are introduced regularly. But how do those very small and very light vehicles fare in auto accidents? According to a recent report by the Insurance

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Esurance Tries to Stop Teen Texting and Chicago Bike Lanes Get National Recognition – Podcast

Esurance launches a program to stop teen texting and drive. Plus, Chicago’s bike lane network is getting national recognition.

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Will Khobragade’s Diplomatic Row Impact U.S. Immigration Bills?

Sometimes, the final resolution of an important issue is swayed by both politics and tangential events. Politics, certainly, has already shaped the issue immigration reform. Now, a seemingly unrelated controversy has arisen and has the potential to shape some part

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Special Hazard Rule Covers Employee in Workers’ Compensation Case

In an unpublished opinion, The Illinois Appellate Court held that a bus driver’s injury — resulting from tripping over a mat while leaving a work meeting — arose out of her employment. The bus driver claimed an injury to her

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Penalties for Michigan OWI First, Second and Third Offense

Penalties for operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated in Michigan increase significantly if a person has a record of prior offenses. Here are the facts: First Offense Someone convicted of a first OWI offense can face up to 93 days

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Rochester Bicyclist Killed in Collision with City Bus

A woman riding a bicycle in Rochester, New York died after being struck and run over by a city bus. The crash occurred at about 12:45 a.m. on January 30, 2014. Capt. John Corbelli of the Rochester Police said the

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