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December, 2014 | SEONewsWire.net
Month: December 2014

Scrap metal recycling facility fined $497,000 after worker’s death

After a worker was killed when his arm became trapped by a conveyor belt, the owner of the Illinois scrap metal recycling facility where he worked has received a fine of nearly half a million dollars for numerous safety violations.

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Innovative Tech Companies Take on Autism

In the United States, autism affects one in 68 children. But according to a recent report in The Economist, many American families wait months and even years to get a diagnosis, in part because doctors cannot keep up with demand.

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Texas federal court declines to apply Texas choice of law in non-compete lawsuit

A recent lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Texas illustrated the importance of choice-of-law provisions in employee non-compete agreements. The plaintiffs in the lawsuit were employees of F&M Bank, based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. As part

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Cremated Amputated Leg Leads to Malpractice Lawsuit – Podcast

Rabbi Yona Reiss of the Chicago Rabbinical Council told the Chicago Tribune that under Jewish tradition, body parts that have been severed are preserved or buried for the day when it is believed that the bodies will be resurrected. Severed

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America Has Always Been a Melting Pot, But Immigration Reform Now Frightens the Nation

Americans once backed immigration reform. But lately, the nation seems more frightened than welcoming. The overwhelming flood of incoming immigrants does create concerns about how the expanded population may strain the existing infrastructure. It affects job availability on some levels,

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For the Eco-Conscious Flooring Choices Are Eminently Exciting

As an environmentally friendly approach to renovating a home or redoing flooring, eco-conscious flooring is an exciting and green way to perfect a living space. Flooring choices for environmentally conscious homeowners were once very limited. Today, however, the sky is

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Driving drunk never has a good ending

Recently, a nine-year-old girl lost her life when a drunk driver hit the vehicle in which she was riding. The girl’s mother sustained a broken shoulder and collapsed lung as a result of the collision. The 41-year-old man who collided

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When a couple divorces, debts as well as property must be equitably divided

Marriage can be likened to a business contract, and when that contract is dissolved during a divorce the division of assets is an important and often contentious matter. But debts are an equally important matter to resolve when any contract,

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What Is The Purpose Of Court-Ordered Mediation Before A Request For Order Hearing For Custody & Visitation? (PODCAST)

Welcome to The Maggio Law Firm’s PODCAST answering the question of “What is the purpose of court-ordered mediation before a Request For Order hearing for custody and visitation in California?” Gerald A. Maggio is an experienced Orange County divorce and

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Do you market with a team?

Marketing alone is okay if your office is small. However, if you want that office to grow, creating teams to market you, the agency and the products is a savvy move.  Marketing is tricky to begin with, and if you

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