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The Bavis Wrongful Death Lawsuit is the Last of the 9-11 Suits to be Settled

That memory of 9/11 will be with everyone until the day they die. It will never fade from the minds of Americans. Aside from the anguish of 9/11 and the heart-wrenching deaths, there is another side to this story. Many

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Another High Level Official Quits Working on Immigration Reform

Either the writing is on the wall in regards to immigration reform or people working on it are tired of never seeing their efforts come to fruition. Immigration reform has been a long road to essentially nothing. In other words,

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The Best Interests of a Child Are the Most Important In Divorce Proceedings

In contentious divorces, it often feels like one spouse is overpowering the negotiations about child custody and the visitation schedule. That parent will make it seem like the other parent is not caring, does not have time for the child,

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Rare Head-On Crash Between Two Motorcycles Kills Two and Injures at Least Four Others

It is not often that two bikers are involved in a head-on collision with each other. It was a clear day and the group of riders headed out the popular, scenic highway to take in the sights. The first group

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Texting Trucker Loses His Life In Collision With Train

How many deaths does it take before people get the message not to text while driving? You would think that there have been more than enough texting while driving deaths reported in the news for people to get the message.

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Speeding While Drunk Leads to Three Accidents and Six Injured People

The more campaigns there are to stop people from drinking and driving, the more people figure it does not include them in that statistic. This three vehicle collision left six people with serious injuries just because the at-fault driver wanted

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Religious Twist Involved in the Latest Challenge to the Affordable Care Act Notes Benepath CEO

The latest challenge to the health care reform law is a religious one. Some say it violates their religious freedom. “Health care reform was always a contentious issue from day one,” said Clelland Green, RHU, CEO, and president of Benepath

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Flooring Experts Recommend Measuring a Space Twice Before Taking on a DIY Project

Do it yourself kind of homeowners will find their project easier if they take their time to do it right. “There really is no limit to the kind of things a creative homeowner can accomplish on their own,” pointed out

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Secretary Napolitano Discusses Border Security and Enforcement

Security along the U.S. border with Mexico is at an all-time high, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano announced in an October 2011 presentation at American University in Washington, D.C. As evidence, Secretary Napolitano reports that DHS has doubled

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Medical Journal Highlights Frequency of Doctors and Specialties With Medical Malpractice Cases

Being a doctor is a high stress job. One mistake and a lawsuit could happen. Not all doctors face lawsuits, and typically, there are some specialties that get sued more than others, but that is not common knowledge. That information,

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