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June, 2014 | SEONewsWire.net
Month: June 2014

Pair Bamboo Flooring with Radiant Heating for Safe Installation and Eco-Conscious Living

Radiant in-floor heating is very popular. To install it properly, you need to choose the flooring above it wisely. Radiant heating is omni-directional, moving in all directions and heating indirectly. Installers need to understand how the system works when installing

SSA is Ramping Up Disability Reviews in 2014

The Social Security Disability Benefits Reform Act of 1984 (“DBRA 1984”) was passed by a unanimous, bipartisan vote in the House and Senate (99-0) in September 1984. President Reagan signed the law on October 9, 1984, when it became Pub. L. No.

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Patient with Ankle Fracture Receives Overdose of Pain Medication

In January 2013, a North Carolina woman went to the hospital with a fractured ankle, but she left with serious medical problems that resulted from an overdose of pain medication. Upon her arrival at the hospital, ER doctors gave her

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Texas Woman Sues Shell Oil, Claiming She Was Fired While on Maternity Leave

Nicole Ryder of Harris County, Texas, has filed a federal lawsuit against Shell Oil Co., claiming that her employment was wrongfully terminated. The lawsuit was filed in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Texas (Houston Division), claiming

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Advance Medical Directives Need Easy Accessibility

Many people are aware of the importance of advance medical directives. In the event that you become incapacitated, these directives detail what procedures you do or do not want and who should make decisions for you. Because these are important

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Patients ER Visits for Brain Injuries Increase

According to a new medical report, visits to hospital emergency rooms for brain injuries have increased in recent years. The report, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, studied emergency department visits from a nationwide sample of hospitals

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Even with recent tax reforms, it may not be wise to bypass a bypass trust

As the lifetime estate tax exemption has risen, estate planners have found themselves enjoying greater breathing space when optimizing the amount of wealth that can pass to an estate’s heirs tax-free. In 2014, estate tax protection covers $5,340,000 per person.

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Medicare supplement leads never grow on trees, but reliable lead generation companies can come close

If you’re in the insurance business, you know that leads never grow on trees. Cold calling and chasing relatives is deeply unpleasant and unproductive. Unlikely as it seems, you need a tree that can help you pinpoint leads. Benepath.net comes

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Extra estate planning support may be necessary for those with dementia

Disabilities that sometimes develop with age can inhibit long-term planning skills. If you deal with such a condition, you may need to adjust your plans for the future so that they can support you and adhere to your wishes under

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Drunk Driver Sentenced to 12-30 Years Imprisonment for Fatal Crash

Drivers convicted of drunk driving causing death face heavy sentences. Recently, Joseph Jay Ford was sentenced to between 12.5 and 30 years in prison for a crash that killed two people in Grand Rapids, Michigan on September 10, 2013. Judge

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