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December, 2010 | SEONewsWire.net
Month: December 2010

Water May Be Everywhere At Work But Not Fit To Drink Indicates H2o Labs

Many businesses these days have water coolers or drinking stations on hand. The water in those stations and coolers may be contaminated. “It’s rather ironic that in the desire to avoid drinking contaminated tap water, we are OK with drinking

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The Fine Details of a Postnuptial Agreement

Most people have heard of prenuptial agreements where a couple has certain conditions spelled out before they get married in likelihood of a divorce. Usually, a discussion about a possible divorce down the road is something most engaged couples do

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Practicing and Training the Golden Rule Can Prevent Discrimination Suits

It is common sense that if supervisors treat employees with the same respect they would like to receive, the company will not likely face discrimination suits. Supervisors who are not sensitive to an employee’s age, national origin, physical disabilities, sex,

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Survey Shows Group Health Insurance Is Good Incentive For Employers Says Grouphealthflorida

Despite impending changes under the nation’s new health care reform rules, many employers don’t plan on ceasing to offer group health care coverage to employees. So says a recent survey from the consulting firm Mercer. The survey polled more than

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Opting For A Private Jet May Be Wise As Airport Security Lines Grow

These days, lines seem longer than ever at the airport security gate. And when it comes to flying on public flights, there are also lengthy flight delays and rerouting to worry about it. As a business, sometimes it makes more

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Texas Wrongful Termination Verdicts are Mostly Retaliation Cases

More than half of retaliation cases consist mostly of Texas wrongful termination verdicts. A total of 63 percent of retaliation cases were filed by employees who alleged they were fired for filing workers compensation claims after being injured on the

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Multibillion Dollar Patent Infringement Judgment Under Attack

In June 2009, a federal jury in Marshall, Texas, found that Abbot Laboratories infringed a patent jointly issued to Johnson & Johnson’s Centocor unit and New York University. Robert Wood Johnson, a New England druggist, went in business with his

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How Alimony is Determined in the State of Florida

Once two people decide to get a divorce and legally part ways, they will begin to ask themselves many questions before the actual divorce proceedings get underway. Among the most common is: How will alimony be determined? Also known as

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Explaining The Division of Property During Divorce

Among the many things that will be discussed during divorce proceedings is the division of property. Which properties will be eligible? And who is entitled to what? When undergoing divorce proceedings, the court will first determine what is nonmarital property

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How Deductibles and Copayments Impact Employers

Given today’s tough economy and the upward spiral of health care costs, businesses are particularly concerned about expenses, and that concern often includes group health insurance plans. To help control the cost of providing group health insurance, some employers want

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