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Couple Alleges Urgent Care Facility Breached Standard of Care

Medical malpractice covers many different forms of improper treatment by medical professionals. It can be the result of a failure to diagnose or misdiagnosis, failure to provide adequate care, misreading lab results, surgical errors or wrong site surgery, improper medication

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Medical malpractice lawsuit reopens against New York hospital

A state appellate panel revived a medical malpractice lawsuit against North Shore University Hospital in New York due to conflicting evidence. According to the four-judge Second Department panel, the trial judge should not have dismissed the case as medical records

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Elderly Virginia Woman Died in a Three Vehicle Hit-and-Run Crash

A hit-and-run driver has been arrested for a car crash that killed an 81-year-old woman Virginia woman. According to Virginia State Police, the woman was traveling westbound in a 1996 Ford Ranger when a 2015 Chrysler 300 traveling eastbound veered

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Sound and Fury signifying Nothing

The president came out with an executive order “to Buy American and hire American” It calls for changes to be made in the Department of Labor’s Labor Condition Application system. The Labor Condition Application system ensures that foreign workers are

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Texas appeals court’s decision shows importance of wording in noncompete agreements

A recent decision by a Texas appeals court demonstrates that the wording of a noncompete agreement must be precise. In the case, East Texas Copy Systems, Inc. v. Player, the Court of Appeals in Texarkana ruled that a noncompete agreement

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Two courts enjoin President Trump’s modified executive order

President Trump issued a new executive order on March 6, 2017 blocking citizens of six predominantly Muslim nations from entering the United States. Nine days later on March 15, 2017, a federal court in Hawaii issued an order enjoining the

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Autism costs rise dramatically with age: study

Caring for individuals with autism and other special needs tends to involve a lifetime of expenses, whether it is paying for caregivers, accommodation or daily necessities. A study from the University of California, Davis (UCD), shows California spends significantly more

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H-1B Cap Count

On April 11, 2017 the Citizenship and Immigration Service did the lottery of the 2018 H-1B visa cap. Citizenship and Immigration Service announced today, that it had received 199,000 petitions for the 65k+20k cap quotas. Citizenship and Immigration Service has

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Selling Real Property to Satisfy the Debts of a Decedent

In Virginia, real property vests with the heirs of an estate unless the heirs are divested of legal title. As a result, it is settled law that unless a personal representative of the estate is granted an express power to

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Veteran’s suicide in VA parking lot highlights shortcomings of disability benefits process

Veterans are promised care in return for their service to our nation. However, many former service members struggle for years to get the financial support and benefits they deserve. The recent suicide of a 63-year-old Navy veteran is yet another

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