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In Lieu of Federal Immigration Reform, Cities Do It On Their Own

In an unconventional method of immigration reform, many U.S. cities are actively making an effort to attract immigrants. They recognize that immigrants are the key to revitalize their financial fortunes. Pittsburgh has a plan to revitalize itself by attracting immigrants

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Powerful IT Immigration Reform Proponents Fail to Spark Poltical Change

Silicon Valley has an enormous interest in ensuring that immigration reform is passed. To that end, a number of tech companies have been working tirelessly as lobbyists and activists. Technology professionals have unparalleled access to a tech-reliant American audience. Still

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It’s not just politicians that do not understand how immigration reform affects agriculture

Despite what the politicians are working on for immigration reform, the general populace seems to still resent the idea. While immigration reform is still being debated, mauled, massaged, ignored and reviled, with the light at the end of the tunnel

When a bipartisan reform bill cometh, immigration reform may get on a roll

Immigration reform may be just around the corner. Word from the Hill indicates politicians are actually working on something relating to immigration reform. Are they getting along while doing it? Not according to the media, or those who are close

Speedy Travel at the Airport

Although I am not going anywhere, as summer rolls along, visions of distant lands dance in my head. However, that vision is marred by long lines at the airports – getting your luggage checked, getting into a plane with carry-on

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The Law Office of Annie Banerjee Helps with EB-1 and NIW

For people who have questions about EB-1 and National Interest Waiver (NIW), The Law Offices of Annie Banerjee, a Houston based immigration law office, can provide guidance with the application process and resolve any questions that arise. When aliens seeking

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ICE Releases Secure Communities Data Showing the Program Ineffective in Removing Dangerous Criminal Aliens; Program Remains Open to Abuse, Rabinowitz Says

A 2-year-old Department of Homeland Security program deported 392,000 foreign nationals in the past 12 months. Dallas-based immigration attorney Stewart Rabinowitz of the firm Rabinowitz & Rabinowitz weighs in on the pitfalls of the program. The program, Secure Communities, allows

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Miami Immigration Lawyers Rifkin & Fox-Isicoff Indicate the Debate Over Unemployed Americans Wanting Farm Jobs is Heating Up

There’s a great debate in the nation about how to get unemployed Americans working in agriculture. It is a debate made all the more controversial by the fact that many unemployed Americans don’t want to work in jobs they consider

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Banerjee Explains How to Apply for Permanent Residency through Employment

Labor certification allows beneficiaries to enter the U.S. through employment. Before employers hire aliens, they have to prove to the Department of Labor that there are no qualified citizens or Green Card holders to fill the position, and must thoroughly

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As Government Turns to Social Networking Sites to Track Users, Immigration Attorney Rabinowitz Advises Discretion

Social networking websites are currently seeing extensive popularity, some of them connecting more than 500 million people across the world. Dallas-based immigration attorney Stewart Rabinowitz of the firm Rabinowitz & Rabinowitz advises social network users to only connect to people

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