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Intellectual Property Rights Are Your Key to Business Profitability

Most people do not really care about intellectual property. It is only those who have a direct investment in something that ultimately makes them money that are concerned. It goes without saying that large companies these days have an enormous

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MIST defense defeated at trial of severely injured man

Snatching victory from the jaws of the defense is a feather in a personal injury lawyer’s cap. This case outlines how. “It’s always nice to be able to beat a big insurance company in court,” said Daren Monroe, who writes

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Truck driver flees the scene of fatal accident

One wonders what happened to people taking responsibility for their actions. A trucker fled the scene of this fatal accident, attempting to avoid being caught. This fatal accident took place on the Burlington-Bristol Bridge when a metal bar came off

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Man dies of uterine cancer after defective kidney transplant

Medical malpractice comes in many forms. In this case, it resulted from a transplanted cancerous kidney. This trial will be fairly long given the bizarre nature of this case. This medical malpractice lawsuit was the result of an organ transplantation

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Immersion football camp injures 31

An overzealous football coach pushed 31 football players into physical collapse in Portland, Ore., this summer. Four ultimately needed surgery. This is a bizarre case where a high school football coach got carried away during what he referred to as

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The Defendant Vanished, but Judgment Collection Still Proceeds

They say life is stranger than fiction. Could be that’s the case in this unusual wrongful death story. This is a case of wrongful death involving Tom Lyon (deceased) and his killer and former neighbor, Rodney Heemstra. The facts of

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Two Semis Tangle, One Dies

This case revolves around two semis; one a box truck and an 18-wheeler that collided in Bakersfield, California. It was just something that should never had happened, and likely wouldn’t have in most cases, but for the fact that the

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Two Vehicle Crash with Semi Resulted in Serious Injuries but no Fatalities

In what may be a case of “touched by an angel,” two people were injured when they were struck by a semi. Apparently the driver of the car that was hit lost control of a Pontiac G6, which wound up

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The Stroller was hit by a Semi

This is a catastrophic accident that no one will ever forget, not when it involves the death of a 2 ½ year old toddler. The mother, 35-year Courtney Ayer was out with her jogging stroller and her son Dylan when

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The Car was Under the Bus

This case is a bit of a mystery, which has not yet been solved. The 21-year old driver of a small Kia was traveling westbound on a lane parallel to a school bus full of noisy kids. The bus got

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