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June, 2011 | SEONewsWire.net
Month: June 2011

Salmonella Death Linked To Pastries

Pastries that bite back are rare, but that is what happened in this Zeppole story. This case was unusual, largely because it involved a bakery, some very delicious goodies, and about 56 people who were infected with salmonella. One of

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Individuals And Corporations Are Not The Only Entities That Can Declare Bankruptcy

Did you know that even cities can declare bankruptcy? It is rare, but they can do it. Let’s say you’re a city and you are staring at more money going out to run the city than is coming in. If

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Parenting Time Plays Big Role in Child’s Behavior

Parenting time is one of the hardest agreements to agree on during a divorce. Many parents feel they are the best parent for the child and deserve to spend holidays, vacations and quality time with each other. But in family

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Filing Bankruptcy Does Not Mean Losing All Of Your Stuff

A lot of people have this idea in their heads that if they file for bankruptcy, they lose all of their stuff. That is not true. While filing for bankruptcy is not the easiest thing in the world for a

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Florida Auto Insurance Tips Before Summertime Travel Season Begins

Road trips equal summertime fun, but drivers should not let their guard down. Getting the right auto insurance can save your family money and time should the unexpected occur. Here are some tips to make your summer adventure a wise

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Get Expert Legal Counsel When a Divorce Forces a Business Division

Dividing a business during a divorce can be an extremely difficult and stressful process. Unless there is a prenuptial agreement that clearly divides the ownership interests or the two individuals still want to be business partners, expert legal counsel is

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There Are Other Options That May Work If You Are Facing Foreclosure

Foreclosure may be looming in your future, but there are other options open for you to consider. For those who do not understand what foreclosure means, it refers to a local government taking away your ownership to a piece of

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The Key to Reasonable Florida Auto Insurance Rates for Teens

Summertime is an exciting season where teenagers look to spend time with their friends and family and oftentimes get a job, too. New teen drivers and their parents must think about their Florida auto insurance before they begin their summer

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Health Insurance Bought in the US is not honored in Foreign Countries says Benepath CEO

Those who travel a lot need to be aware that health insurance purchased in the U.S. is not honored in foreign countries. “While you might not think about this, unless it’s something that happens in your life, there are a

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Health Insurance Exchanges May Not Be The Be All End All

You might recall that health insurance exchanges are supposed to be the be all end all in the future. However, they might not be when all is said and done. The whole idea behind health insurance exchanges, when they were

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