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August, 2011 | SEONewsWire.net
Month: August 2011

There Are Still Cases Of Medical Malpractice With Higher Jury Awards

Despite the rage to cap medical malpractice damages, there are cases that return higher awards. This case is one of them. This reported case happened in Norwalk and the jury handed down a $58.6 million award. The case involved an

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Division of Debt is an Important Factor During a Divorce

The division of debt during divorce proceedings can be very complex. Divorce lawyers hear about incidents where one spouse decided to go on a shopping spree on a mutual credit card when the couple called it quits. The best thing

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A Tale Of Two Motorcycle Helmets

For the love of life and to protect yourself riding a motorcycle, wear a helmet, and not a cheap one. We cannot say this enough – if you love riding your motorcycle, don’t want to stop and want to stay

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Recent Texas Oil and Gas Lawsuit Alleges Misrepresentation and Negligence

A recent Texas oil and gas lawsuit involves claims that relate to a well that turned out to be a dry hole. Fort Apache Energy, Inc. filed a suit in July in the Harris County District Court against Ventum Energy,

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Serious Violations at Connecticut Workplaces Pose Hazards to Workers

Three Connecticut companies have received serious violations from the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) that could put worker safety in danger. In Bridgeport, Total Remodeling Services LLC received 16 alleged violations after inspection of their roofing site. Scaffolding, ladder,

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Veteran’s Appeals

An applicant can appeal a VA decision if he or she was awarded only partial benefits or if the claim was denied. Levels of Appeal Regional Office Appeal Once the regional VA office issues a determination, in the form of

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Different flooring for different needs

Just because a certain kind of flooring is hot, does not mean it is for you. You may need something completely different. Time to choose something different for your tired old floors? Can’t decide what to choose? That’s not unusual,

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Wrong Way Michigan Avenue Accident Causes Pedestrian Injuries

An accident in Chicago in early July reminds downtown workers and pedestrians to be extra cautious when entering crosswalks or crossing a road. An elderly motorist drove down the wrong way on Michigan Avenue in rush hour and hit two

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City Residents Could Not Even Boil Their Water To Drink After Catastrophe

Not being able to even boil the water to make it safe does not happen often, but when it does, there is a lesson about having access to clean water. Water contamination is, unfortunately, far too common these days, but

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Where The Rubber Meets The Road On Tort Reform

It looks very much like H.R. 5 may go up in smoke. This is something that warms the heart of many dedicated medical malpractice lawyers who have their client’s rights in mind. Just a quick recap will bring you up

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