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July, 2009 | SEONewsWire.net
Month: July 2009

Land or Sea Port Entry Requirements Change on June 1 Affecting U.S. Citizens

June 1, 2009, saw the introduction of the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (WHTI) and the implementation of more immigration rules and regulations. In order to understand why these changes were made, it would help to understand a bit more about

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Dual Nationality Couples and U.S. Immigration

This is always a difficult area for couples to file in, and while some choose to use the services of an immigration lawyer, others choose to go it alone. It really would be in everyone’s best interests if dual nationality

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Southern Border Apprehension Rates Dramatically Decrease

Is enforcement or the economy the reason for the apprehension rate declining at the southern borders? We all know or are at least aware of the 670 miles of fencing that will go along the southern border to deflect the

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Is Comprehensive Immigration Reform Here Yet?

Comprehensive immigration reform has been a thorny topic of discussion for many years now. Things may be about to change – or will they? The problem with the existing immigration system is that it is broken beyond the ability of

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Insurance Company Tactics Really Bite

Many people who run across an insurance company that deals in bad faith and other tactics, wishes they’d never had to deal with the company in the first place. It’s depressing, to say the least, to think that the insurance

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Myths About Justice

There are quite a few myths about justice that many Americans don’t seem to be aware of, likely due to the fact that even the media gets it wrong. Haven’t we all heard this one before: “Of course the number

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Medical Errors Result in a High Death Toll

Sadly, medical errors that were preventable in the first instance are the reason that thousands of Americans are badly injured or die each year. This is yet another great debate among trial lawyers, Cleveland malpractice lawyers, and the public in

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Defective Drugs Take Their Toll

Anyone who has been made sick by taking a drug with ghastly side effects knows full well they can take their deadly toll. Getting sick means putting your trust in the hands of doctors, pharmacists and drug manufacturers. Sometimes that

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That Bites

If the dog’s bark is worse than his bite, a court case likely won’t be the end result. However, if the bite is worse than the bark, that is another matter. In some instances, a dog owner may face civil

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Degrees of Spinal Cord Injuries

Spinal cord injuries may arise as a result of many different causes that include: being hit while playing a high intensity sport (football), a fall, physical abuse, or auto accidents. Spinal cord injuries do not always take much of an

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