Osenton Law Offices offers FREE Bankruptcy seminar series

This seminar is for those considering bankruptcy and alternatives to bankruptcy. It is NOT for professionals such as realtors, attorneys, and short sale and loan modification processors.

Are you thinking about filing bankruptcy?

Are you unsure it is the best option for you?

If so, please come to a free seminar presented by Reginald Osenton, an attorney with 20 years experience, who has personally handled hundreds of bankruptcy cases.

Visit our Bankruptcy and Seminar website to learn more.

At our seminars, you may:

  • Receive free information about the bankruptcy process.
  • Determine if we may help you get rid of debt, stop foreclosure, and keep your assets.
  • Become informed about Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 cases.
  • Remain annonymous.
  • Have an opportunity to ask about your situation, either during the seminar or after.
  • Receive tools to help you with filing bankruptcy, if you so choose.

Learn more.