The Most Contentious Issue in the Proposed Health Care Legislation

If you’ve been wondering about the so-called “public option” relating to health insurance companies – there is no public option listed in the Senate bill, but there is one in the House bill which features non-profit health insurance cooperatives that would compete with the big bucks insurance companies in the business for profit.

This would certainly generate a whole lot of interesting competition in relation to the policies offered. But the question is, how will this whole scenario with large private insurance companies, and enormous lobby groups (like the AARP), pan out? While competition is nice to a certain extent, there are going to be private insurance companies that would not be so thrilled having to compete with non-profit health insurance cooperatives. That means they would have to lower their prices to get customers – and what? Hike them again after a year?

The bottom line is stay tuned for more developments as things start to heat up while the House is back in session.

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