Other Questions About the New Proposed Health Care Legislation

One of the major questions is: Where is all the money going to come from to offer three states special concessions in this new proposed health care legislation? If there is $500 billion cut from the Medicare system, where will it go? Will it be used to shore up the economy? This certainly isn’t that clear.

What about the advent of the suggested non-profit cooperatives? Will those be dropped like a hot potato and instead favor what the Senate wants, which is not mentioned at all? So much for introducing competition into the health insurance market.

It’s projected that the program– the new health care program– would likely cost about 870 billion, but this is ONLY if there is 500 billion cut from Medicare benefits. Is this really realistic and who came up with those figures?

And finally, if this new proposed health care legislation does go through, just how will it affect the economy and the national debt? If they’re planning on forking out extra goodies to three states, then ultimately it’s the taxpayers that have to ante up. Give the matter some thought, because this last question is quite contentious.

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