CPR to the Rescue

If you lose your cell phone, desperation kicks in, but if you get it wet, real wet, don’t despair. CPR will come to the rescue to fix your wet device good as new … until you lose it again.

A friend of mine recently had his cell phone stolen. “It was worse than losing my wallet,” he moaned. “I was devastated,” he said, and the Isle of Despair drifted into mind. With devices such as the Nokia N97, the Palm Pre, and the iPhone 3G s now on the scene, it’s easy to guess why. “I had all my phone numbers on my cell phone,” my friend moaned, shedding real tears instead of the Croc kind. Many users of these devices store not just phone numbers, but address and other contact information on their mobile handsets. Information such as digital photos, videos, calendars, and music downloads of their fave tunes. Getting one stolen brings up other concerns – such as a user’s personal information being used for fraudulent means. It’s so much easier if you just happen to get your phone wet, so it drowns on you, and can’t be salvaged, can it?

Not so fast if there’s a CPR around. Like a drowning person, CPR can and will resuscitate your drenched and soggy not-so-smart anymore phone. While most independent repair shops wouldn’t even consider the wet ones, CPR will carefully investigate how to make it function again, troubleshooting through the damp device’s drizzly recesses no matter if it went down into the depths of Lake Michigan or into the shallow end of an Olympic-sized oval in the backyard of your dearest billionaire buddy. “It will work again, I know it will,” asserts CPR expert technician Sam G. Soggy, a specialist in all gadgets wet. For Sam, the flask of hopefulness is always half full.

But don’t go and lose it again after Sam dries it out and restores your smart phone’s intricate mechanisms. Losing it can lead to Hari Kari, beriberi (due to a weakened immune system from worrying where you lost it) and willy-nilly. If you happen to have it stolen, that can’t be helped, unless you chain it to your right leg. If you happen to be guilty of bedwetting and you’ve taken it to bed with you and it somehow gets wet, but at least it’s not stolen, you know what to do. Take it to CPR a little voice in your dream says, CPR …CPR.

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