CPR Does Computer Repair of the Best Kind

It had to happen. The cell phone repair shop that has been fixing all devices smart, has graduated to repairing computers – cheap and fast.

They break down so often that if it was anything more expendable, we’d abandon the computer age en masse. But we need them, like a co-dependency that won’t quit. Still, the computers crash and crash so much that you get the urge to mash and mash – and they’re not potatoes. What kind of computers will CPR fix? Any brand of laptop or desktop is doable. Got a virus or too much spam? Worried about hackers or spyware? Is your broadband like the freeway at rush hour, clogged and mired so you can’t get wired? We can repair your ‘puter so that it’s cuter. Can’t access your email or Twitter? Bring it over to CPR and cease your titter.

It was inevitable that we learned about software and hard drives and modems. Got Windows on your PC or Final Cut Pro on your Mac? It doesn’t matter. We can fix it without much adieu for you, just for you.

Where that familiar smile on your FaceBook? What, you can’t access it? The Internet is down. You can’t even get WORD to work. Your favorites are being neglected now that you’ve crashed? Your passwords and URLs are worthless suddenly, don’t you know? CPR does computers now. We can fix ’em. Yes we can. Our expert technicians are compulsive geeks when it comes to making your desktop seek, especially on Google but on other search engines too.

Says Stanley L. Succotash who was a vegetable before he started fixing computers for CPR, “I am genuinely curious about what ails your ‘puter,” he asserts with his distinctive Japanese brogue. “I like to poke around their innards. I’d do it for free if CPR didn’t pay me. It’s a compulsion, like eating gravy with turkey on Thanksgiving. I can’t help it. I fix computers for CPR. That’s my life purpose. I’ve found my religion.”

Says Stanley’s brother Seth P. Succotash, who also fixes computers for CPR, “He ain’t heavy. He’s my brother.” Of course we already knew that.

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